Benefits Of Steel Recycling And Ways To Do It

In this world of technological development, many things are manufactured on a daily basis to provide comfort and convenience to everyone. However, there is a crisis of resources which can lead to extreme situations where there will be nothing to ease our life. Recycling is one such process which has been adopted in the past few years in order to overcome the shortage of resources along with judicious use of them and allowing the future generation to enjoy those resources. Almost everything in this world can be recycled in various ways through various types of machinery and equipment. Steel is one of the most used materials and can be found in every household, as well as factories. Steel recycling is one such thing that is a topic of discussion these days because of enormous use of this material in almost all the industries.

steel recycling

steel recycling

Why is steel recycling important?

Steel has amazing properties that make it a versatile material. These properties help steel to retain higher recycling rate, which is around 88%. Importance of steel recycling is as follows:

  • Steel recycling saves energy and helps in reduction in pollution

  • Steel recycling helps in reduction of air emission up to 86%

  • Recycling steel can save extraction of iron ore up to 1.5 tones

  • Water pollution is reduced by 76% by recycling steel

  • Scrapped steel or recycled steel helps in manufacturing various other products with less production charge resulting in cheaper price

  • Overall recycling steel helps in saving resources for the future generation by envisaging sustainable development

How is steel recycled?

  • With technology at its best, steel can be recycled in many ways. There is a step-by-step procedure which needs to be followed during steel recycling and they are as follows:

  • The first thing to do is separating steel from other materials that are there for the purpose of recycling.

  • Next is shredding where rotating magnetic drums in the shredders are used to extract steel and iron from other metals.

  • Further, separation is done by using processes like liquid floating system, using electric currents, and high air pressure airflow.

  • Shearing of thick heavy steel is done using hydraulic machinery as well as plasma and gas arch.

  • Then steel is melted and given a new shape for the production of various other commodities including small paper clips to heavy bikes.

steel recycling

steel recycling

Application of recycled steel

Steel recycling helps in reducing various products such as:

  • Office supplies

  • Electrical appliances

  • Automobiles

  • Hardware likes screws, nuts, bolts, etc.

  • Containers and cans

  • Construction materials

The above-mentioned products can be used in the similar way in which products from virgin steel can be used.

Future scope accompanied with steel recycling are:

Steel recycling has proved profitable and eco-friendly process, which has not only benefited various companies but also proved good for the environment in terms of pollution. With this process, the waste products are reduced, as they are used for the manufacturing of various new products after the process of recycling. It has brought a change in the steel industry. Following this process in a proper way will produce profitable results. Besides, it will help other manufacturing industries along with recycling of other consumer goods for a better and secure future keeping up with the sustainable development programs.

Undoubtedly, steel recycling is indeed one of the best ways to conserve energy, resources, and other things, which will help us to enjoy a better tomorrow with all the perks of a modern world. Many industries have come up with this amazing process and are actively participating in recycling programs. Moreover, they are contributing towards the betterment of the environment and making optimum use of the available resources.


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