Investment in Cranes Should Be Done With Proper Homework

Cranes are required to do any big construction work. Apart from that wherever there is need of lifting and moving heavy materials you may have to buy a crane. As buying a crane is a huge investment you must do your homework before you contact any crane companies to   do the heavy investment on a crane.

Crane Companies

Crane Companies

A crane is a machine that can hold and transfer big loads from one place to another. It is equipped with pulleys and cables that help in lifting and lowering heavy weighted materials. Thus, it is an important machine required atdifferent types of work sites. Depending upon the job done there are different types of cranes. Hence, you must know what type of crane you want. 

Different types of cranes

Cranes are mostly required at construction sites. There are various types of cranes that function in different ways so that engineers can complete their task easily. Most common types of cranes are:

  • The telescopic crane that functions with the help of the tubes that are fitted inside the boom. The tubes help in increasing and decreasing the height with the help of hydraulic effect.
  • Mobile cranes those are most common as the boom is located on a mobile platform. It can be transferred from one place to another easily.
  • Truck mounted cranes are hoisted on a truck and it has excellent mobility.
  • Tower cranes are the modern balanced cranes that can go to extreme height. It also has excellent lifting capabilities. They are very useful while constructing tall buildings.
  • Rough terrain cranes are mainly used off-road where the terrain is rough. They have four rubber tires. These cranes mainly have a single engine that means that it lifts and moves with the functioning of the same engine.
  • Overhead cranes or suspended cranes are used in factories. They are ideal for lifting heavy loads.
  • Loader crane has a hydraulic arm that is used for lifting materials and loading in a trailer.
  • Rail road cranes are mostly used where there are rail lines.

Apart from the above-mentioned, there are varied other cranes too that are used at different sites.

Crane Companies

Crane Companies

Consideration before buying crane

Know your specific requirement and you will able to invest perfectly in a crane that will fulfill your need. Not that every crane is same and even the crane companies that manufacture the cranes have same offerings. Hence, before you invest in a crane you should not only know your requirement but also gather information about the crane companies. It is very important that you choose the right company.

Experience and reputation of the company

You need to check out that for how many years the company is manufacturing cranes. Normally it is not possible for any small company to manufacture heavy machiner like a crane, yet you should check out their track record. Know that which type of crane each crane companies specialize in. do they provide after sales service? What is the reputation of the company? All these details will increase your faith upon the crane company from where you are planning to buy the crane.

Safety information

A crane is used mostly at places where labors are at work and if they are not safe enough then there may be accidents anytime. Thus, also gather safety information like –

  • What are the safety measures of the crane?
  • How much maintenance does the crane require?
  • Do you need any other safety equipment along with the crane?

Once you gather this information you are ready to invest in a crane and use it at your work site.


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