Drive Safely While Protecting Precious Life with Tethering Bolts

Modern vehicles such as cars and SUVs come with in-built safety features to protect the driver as well the passenger. High quality seat belts are a mandatory fixture in any type of automobile. Safety conscious drivers believe in preserving life and property on the roads. They are determined to choose the best anchor points for car seats. These tethering enablers satisfy global standards and protect life of both driver and passenger during an accident. It is important to use the top tether straps to stop the forward momentum in a collision.

Anchor Points for Car Seats

Anchor Points for Car Seats

Parents with newborn children should be alert and select the best anchoring fixtures for their cars. The basic features and identification method for these tethers are listed here –

  • Modern cars have in-built tethering points on the back side of the front seats.
  • These safety points are very strong and are in the center or bottom.
  • You can also get this essential safety feature fixed in your old car with the help of a mechanic
  • Anchor points for car seats are not the same as the thinner luggage clips.
  • These square or D – shaped tether bolts are made of thick metallic materials.
  • The manufacturers attach an anchor symbol to them for identification.
  • Vehicles also have additional anchoring supports in the boot or flooring.
  • Car seats are attached to these tether bolts using a strap and clip mechanism. 

A Road Safety Guide

A road trip, camping adventure, or beach side stay is always a welcome distraction and families do enjoy such long or short travelling experiences. The harness belts and baby seats are the most necessary safety equipment for these tourists. Also, the law mandates the use of such precautionary mechanisms including anchor points for car seats. Children up to the age of 7 years must be transported using reliable and small canopies. Restraining toddlers is effective in risk reduction and injury prevention during accidental crashes.

The following salient criteria are necessary to ensure the safety of children while traveling –

  • Rear facing seats are mandatory for newborns, babies, under the age of 3.
  • Height and weight determine the seating requirements for 3 to 8-year-old children.
  • Youngsters over 8 yrs can be disciplined or instructed to use seat belts during a trip.
  • Taller and heavier boys and girls should be encouraged to rely on the seat belts.
  • Car seats that are involved in a previous accident should be disposed-off if necessary
  • The age limit for the use of such bets is set at 6 and the parents must purchase latest products.
  • Anchor points for car seats hold on to the straps and clips for additional safety.
  • Babies should be buckled up, and their shoulders and hips must be strapped.
  • Kids should always be made to feel snug and comfortable during the entire trip.
  • The toddlers’ buttocks and sides can be cushioned and padded for coziness. 

Installation Tips

Restraining seats inside the vehicle is a difficult but essential task. Not all kids are disciplined and well behaved during a road trip. Some of them are exuberant and their physical movements should be restricted. The anchor points for car seats should be robust and reliable for successful restraint. Professional grade tethering bolds should be installed in the right position. The following tips are handy in assuring an ideal fixture –

  • Choose the best tethering point with the help of a well-trained mechanic.
  • The total anchor point for car seats depends on vehicle layout and child factors.
  • The number, age group, and size of children are the other important factor to consider.
  • The style, size, color, and location of the anchoring are also equally important.
  • Sturdy tethering bolts at the center or bottom of the front seats’ rear is an ideal location.
  • The three row seating vehicles are fitted with anchors only to the second row.

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