Opting for Stone Benchtops

Bench tops, be it for the kitchen or the bathroom play an important role in enhancing the looks of a particular space and also increases its functionality. There are multiple types of benchtop materials available in the market these days. But, one of the safest choices is the stone bench top. And, it can be chosen in a color which blends well with the kitchen. Moreover, it is available easily, so there is no major problem in finding the suppliers of these bench tops.


Stone Benchtops

Factors to Be Considered:

Before making the choice of a stone benchtop it is important that you consider specific factors to ensure this works apt for your requirement.

  1. Edges: You have various options for edging in bench tops which include bull nose, bevel, and half round nose, round nose and also wood. It is advisable to opt round edges for those who have young children at home. This can protect them from uncalled for accidents.
  2. Sizes: Bench tops required against a wall, the apt depth works out to 650mm as anything deeper will cause a problem for cleaning. This is not required for island bench tops as these offer you both sides access. The size of a bench top is also determined by the budget and size of the kitchen.
  3. Splash backs: The splash backs need to work as a protection for the wall behind the specific bench top. There is a choice between glass and tiles.

Benefits of Stone Benchtops:

Stone bench tops offer a wide range of benefits which work well for all types of homes. Listed below are few of these:


Stone Kitchen Benchtops

  • Aesthetics: Stone is one material which has a timeless appeal. These offer a unique and classy look to any kitchen. You have different options in colors and styles thus making a choice more easier. These can complement any style. Stone benchtops are also considered as a long term investment.
  • Durability: Opting for Granite as a bench top for your kitchen, you are assured that this is long lasting as it is considered to be one of the strongest materials available for bench tops. Another benefit of this material is that it is resistant to heat. And kitchen is one place which is constantly exposed to heat thus opting for stone bench top is a sensible decision.
  • low maintenance: Stone is one material which works out resilient to a high level to scratches and stains.  It’s cleaning is easy and thus is a preferred choice of many homeowners.

Tips on Maintenance:

Cleaning and maintaining stone bench tops is essential. This ensures they are long lasting.

  1. Ensure the spill is removed and cleaned immediately. These can be removed by using mild detergent and water.
  2. Once the stone is dried it needs to be wiped with a clean dry cloth.
  3. Application of liquid wax specifically for stone every 3 to 6 months adds to the protection of the bench top.
  4. You can also apply sealers.
  5. Using place mats and coasters help in the maintenance of stone benchtops.

Before making a choice of a specific supplier of stone benchtops, it is advisable to check out the reputation, as this can make a difference to the quality of the bench top and also the installation. Choosing experienced professionals is a wise decision. To find the ideal supplier for your requirement you can conduct an online search. You have multiple suppliers listed here. This makes comparing the services and products easy. It is wise not to compromise on the quality of the bench top.



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