Tips for Choosing the Best Automatic Gates

Everyone is aware of the necessity of the gate in their property. Whether it is a commercial or residential area, you can’t go without having any safety measure on your property. Installing a gate is represents the extreme level of security.

Choosing the most popular and highly preferable gate, such as the Automatic gates is quite vital these days. These offer plenty of benefits. For the starters, you can just sit in your car comfortably while the gate opens itself! Getting out of the car to open the gate is an awkward one. So, choose the best-automated gate opener system which allows opening the gate automatically.

Automatic Gates

Automatic Gates

Typically, you can secure your property with a password. People who know the password can enter the home whilst people who are not aware of the password, will never be able to. Automatic gates can be categorized into two major types; they are swing gates and sliding gates.

Check Things when it comes to a Automatic gate

Swing gates are also known as hinged automatic gates which can be automated in several numbers of ways. Now, the choice is yours. Choose the gates based on the number of factors, including:

Space Restriction

When you open the gate, the ground systems require more space behind the gate. Generally, the ram arm automatic gates type requires about 180 mm between the gate, whereas the articulated arm type needs a large pillar of at least 200 mm. If you buy larger automatic gates and motor, you need more than that. For underground automatic gates, it needs the top hinge pivot point of at least 60 mm from the post.

Angle of Opening

  • Ram Arm Types: it will open to a maximum of 130 degrees
  • Articulated Arm type: it will open between 90 and 110 degrees
  • Underground motors: it needs about 110 degrees, but an optional kit turn through 360 degrees


If you are choosing swing gates, you may not see the motors behind the automatic gates. As well as, it requires an underground system to hide the motors in the ground level.

Automatic Gates Automatic Gates

Check Things when it comes to Sliding gates

The sliding gates come in two types, rails and freestanding. For sliding gates, you have to consider some points to consider:

  • Motor: In the sliding gate, the motor uses the same type; either tracked or cantilevered. The motor works through a toothed cog that will help you to fix the gate. The gate weight is the primary key factor for the motor model. So, you have to make sure that the motor is powerful enough to move the gate. Move the gate electronically, either by automatically or manually which is depends on the motor model.
  • Ground: Choose the cantilevered type when the ground is not on level across the opening. If the ground surface is loose, soft and responsible to subsidence, tracked type is not a dependable option.
  • Power Supply: The motor power supply can be 24 or 230 V. If you don’t have a socket nearby, a 24V power supply can help you to open the gate when a power breakdown. As well as, the gate can be designed with a second emergency battery.
  • Mostly, the gate is linked into a standard 220V outlet which can help you to open the gate manually when power failure.
  • Cost of Automatic Gates: The cost depends on the type of gate you select, quality, fate size and the materials the gates are made of.

Install the automatic gates for protection with the owner’s identity. With these tips, you should make the right decision on choosing the appropriate automatic gates that match all your needs and requirements. Keep in mind that you have to check the weight, dimension, and type of the gate as well as make sure your chosen gate within your budget.

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