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All You Need to Know About Wooden Planter Boxes

It is quite amazing when you see how plants and flowers boost the overall beauty of a house or a business property. You can enhance the beauty of flowers and plants by placing time in planter boxes. They are available in different shapes and sizes and materials. One of the popular choices for the growth of plants is the wooden planter boxes. These are stylish and appealing. Moreover, they can be customized into the desired colour, thus making it the perfect fitment for the interior and exteriors of your house.

If you use beautiful wooden planter boxes, it can enhance the beauty of a garden, patio or and entrance. You must have noticed a wooden bench planter combo box which drastically enhances the beauty of a garden along with serving other purposes. Planters can be commonly found in most of the commercial spaces to enhance the beauty of the space and display beautiful landscapes.

Wooden Planter Boxes

Wooden Planter Boxes

Benefits of Wooden planter boxes

  1. Ease of mobility: One of the major benefits of wooden planter boxes is its mobility. Since they are not as heavy as concrete planter boxes, you can easily move it from one place to another. It can be easily put in a garden, patio, shade, open space or on a deck. Small planter boxes are easily portable; however, if you want to plant large trees and shrubs, you will have to use a large planter box. Large planter boxes are a bit difficult to move.
Planter Boxes

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  1. The durability of Wood: The durability of a wooden planter box depends on the type or quality of the wood used to make it. So, one of the key factors that you must take into consideration while choosing a wooden planter box is that it should be of good quality, such that lasts longer. Redwoods are one of the best woods to make planter boxes.
  2. Use of appropriate soil: Different types of plant require different types of soils to grow to its fullest. When we plant a tree or any other plant in wooden planter boxes. We can use the appropriate soil required for the plant even if the type of soil of your place is different. While cultivating plants in wooden planter boxes or any other planter, the soil tends to dry faster hence, water the plants regularly and add the nutrients to keep the soil moisturized and fertile.
Wooden Planter Boxes

Wooden Planter Boxes

Things to consider with wooden planter boxes

  1. Amp up the look of your planter by colouring the wooden planter boxes with different colours to match with its surrounding space or the landscape. One can use a clear protective coat to retain its natural look, which looks classy.
  2. Don’t forget to add sealant to the planter before adding the soil and also after. Every five years. It removes any accrued grim, UV surface burning or old sealant. Be careful while power washing the wooden boxes; make sure the water doesn’t cut through the wood grain.
  3. After washing once the planter dries up, sand any rough space so that the wood is smooth. After sanding makes sure, you coat the wood with some sealant. A transparent sealant is the most ideal for wooden planter boxes as it does not hide the natural beauty of the wood. For indoor wooden planters, use a wax finish.
  4. Wooden planter boxes that you have kept outside in open space are left unprotected from the harsh weather conditions. They develop cracks over time due to shrinkage and enlargement caused due to temperature and other climatic factors. If you notice any cracks with round ages, make sure you sand them to get a smooth surface.

If you are planning to add wooden planter boxes, then the above-mentioned tips will help you enhance the beauty of the planter and at the same time increase its life.

How To Choose Plus Size Evening Tops For You

We all struggle to find a dress or a t-shirt or a top which is appropriate and perfectly fits our body. Though the struggle is lesser for regular size women, plus size women had to struggle a bit more to find the perfect fit and style according to their body. Well, this is no more trouble now. We have customized shops which offer a great array of choices when it comes to evening tops. You can choose the ones which make you look beautiful and hides your flabs well. But, still, a few plus size women struggle and makes some mistake while picking up the right plus size evening tops. One of the mistakes they make is that either they pick one which is too tight or one which is too baggy. In either case, they are only trying to cover up their bodies.

Plus size evening tops

Plus size evening tops

However, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. In this article, we will share some tips on how to pick the perfect plus size evening tops according to your body size and preferences. The sole purpose of this article is to boost your self-confidence and make you feel good about yourself

Best Tips to Choose the Perfect Plus size evening tops for You

  1. Feel Good About Yourself: Before you go ahead, it is very important that you must be confident about your body type. It doesn’t matter you are a plus size or zero figure. Whatever you wear should reflect your style and confidence. If you are confident about what you wear, the same will reflect in the styling of your clothes. Whether you are looking for a plus size evening tops or an evening dress, your confidence is something that will make or break your attire.
  2. Don’t ignore the white tops: You need to get rid of a misconception that white is off-limits for plus size women. You need to understand that the key to choosing the perfect plus size evening tops is not the color of top; it is the perfect size that you need to look for. Keep in mind that white plus size evening tops that fit perfectly will not make you look larger than you are, and, in the same way, dark tops will not make you look slim if the fit is not right according to your body.

    Plus size evening tops

    Plus size evening tops

  3. Get rid of Misconceptions: There are certain things that you must never ignore and that is the doubt about a particular type of clothing suiting you. You need to get rid of an old belief that button-down plus size button-down shirts do not look good. Opposite to it, button-down shirts that have designs and stretch that creates a shape complement a plus-size body very well. But if you are not comfortable wearing such tops, then you can layer your evening top which will give a slimmer appearance. Other matching plus size evening tops that go well with other plus size tops are jackets, blazers or cardigans. The best thing about these is that they will make the middle section of your body look small and will lengthen you.
  4. Look for the right combination: well, if you are out there to choose any particular type of evening tops for plus size, then you must pair it up well. Choosing a complete body fitting clothe may not be everyone’s cup of tea. You can go for some simpler ideas. Adding a shrug on plus size evening tops with high waist pants is a good way to flaunt your style. An additional point that I would like to mention here is that you must choose the right shapewear. This will give your clothing the right style and appeal.

In the end just remember, whatever you wear should make you feel good if it doesn’t don’t wear it. These were some of the important tips to choose the perfect plus size evening tops for you.