Telescopic Sliding Gate Kit: What you need to know?

Gates are an important accessory when it comes to enhancing the security of the house. Nowadays, you have the option of choosing the best ones from different styles of gates. But sometime the space constraint may leave you baffling with the idea of finding the right gate for your premises. In such a scenario, you can choose the telescopic gates. These are similar to sliding gates and offer a wider entrance without consuming too much space. These have become very popular in commercial and residential complexes. Besides, the ease of accessibility, these gates also offer a curb appeal to the premises. So, if you are looking for installing this gate, you can buy the telescopic sliding gate kits which are easily available in the market or even on the online portals.

Telescopic Sliding Gates Kit

Telescopic Sliding Gates Kit

How does a Telescopic Sliding Gate work?

The functioning of this gate is very simple. It works on the sliding mechanism, and one panel slides into another and thus provide a wider area for traffic movement. Hence, these gates are a perfect choice for the places which require a wider opening but don’t have space for a conventional gating system. The telescopic sliding gate kit includes two pieces, where one-piece slides over the other. Only one automatic operator is needed to move the back gate and the front gate. The front gate moves at a much faster speed than the back gate and can close and open in half of the time.

If you are new to buying a telescopic sliding gate kit, then you must know about its key components first. Check the manual of kit and verify whether it includes all these or not.

Here are certainly key components of the Telescopic Sliding Gate Kit:

  • Plate with guide roller
  • Wheels along with cable
  • Connection roller support
  • Cable protection carter
  • Tek screw
  • Pin anchors
  • Bolts
  • Guide and plastic end caps

The size of these parts may vary based on the size of the gate you are planning to install.

Telescopic Sliding Gates Kit

Telescopic Sliding Gates Kit

Benefits of installing Telescopic Sliding Gates:

As we have mentioned above, these gates are a good choice for areas with space limitations. Besides, there are other advantages of installing this gate:

  • They enhance the aesthetic appeal of the place
  • Provides enough space for the vehicle movement
  • No extra space consumption
  • It can be easily synced with a modern security system like sensors, push-button opening, etc.
  • Hassle-free movement
  • Highly durable and last longer
  • You can use them manually or use motorized devices for automatic activation.
  • These are very easy to maintain

Key factors to consider before buying telescopic sliding gate kits:

  • Make sure that you purchase only quality products
  • Ask the vendor about the gate installation process
  • Cross-check whether the kit has all the parts or not
  • While installing ensure that there is enough free space around
  • Since most of the people opt for the push button or remote-controlled gate system, remote or the buttons must be placed a few distances away from the children.
  • While using the gate, never try to force close it. The kit has the instruction manual which also enlists basic troubleshooting steps. Stick to these steps or call a technician in case you are facing hassle while opening or closing the gate.

Using the telescopic sliding gate kit to install the gates is a hassle-free way to mount the gate. However, you would need the assistance of a trained and skilled professional who can guarantee the quality of work and perfect installation.

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