Guide to Choosing Plus Size Boutique Clothing

Gowns are the latest trend these days, but plus-size women are often confused about whether they would look good in them or notify you to want to look stylish in a gown, then instead of buying a random gown that comes in your size, go for specially designed gowns that are specifically designed for plus size figures. Colors and fabrics are chosen differently for plus size gowns. Here, we will look at some tips to buy a gown as per your figure type.

Plus Size Boutique Clothing

Plus Size Boutique Clothing

Plus Size Gowns for Pear Shaped Figure

Pear-shaped women have larger thighs and hips than their bust and shoulders. So, you need to find a gown that is larger at the hips, thighs, and buttocks, and smaller at the waist. For such figures, the goal is to make the upper body look the same in size as the hips, while keeping the waist looking small. In these gowns, the hips and thighs need to be balanced, and the waist emphasized. Highlight the upper part of the body, elongating the legs. Since your hips are broader than your shoulders, go for a gown with puffy or ruffle sleeves, or draw attention to your upper body with a statement necklace, cowlneck, or bold prints. Stripes on the upper part would also balance you out at the hips. Preferably, go for A-lines, light colors, printed tops, dark bottoms, and waist emphasized with a belt. Avoid any straight, knee-length, or pencil cut gowns.

Plus Size Gowns for Hourglass Shaped Figure

An hourglass-shaped figure is curvy and round, with full bust, thighs and hips and a well-defined waist. Hips and bust are almost the same sizes with a narrow waistline. The shoulders are gently rounded, and the upper body is in proportion with the length of your legs. While choosing a plus size gown for an hourglass figure, the idea is to accentuate the waist. Wearing a wide belt over your dress can be a great way to do that. If you have this figure type, wear deep necklines, go for solid colors, and find a gown in soft fabrics like silk and knits. A gown in dark color with vertical stripes would soften your curves. You can also wear a short jacket over your gown to balance out your bust.

Plus Size Gowns for Apple Shaped Figure

Apple-shaped women have a tall torso with most of the weight around their belly. However, they have long and lean legs with skinny arms. They have a full and rounded mid-section, large bust, and small legs and arms. The main idea behind designing gowns for this figure shape is to minimize the tummy and define the waistline. Go for a V-neck or deep V-neck neckline. This would immediately bring attention to your upper body and divide the breadth of your chest and shoulders. Choose a gown with a waistband, tie, belt or elastic in the mid-section. You may wear a blazer on the top with a button below the bust. Make sure that the gown fits well on your shoulders, or you may wear a scarf on the top to give it a flowy layer.

Plus Size Gowns for Rectangular Shaped Figure

Women with this figure shape have similar hip, bust and waist measurements with similar shoulders as well. If you have this figure type, go for a gown with a wide belt in the middle. If you want to emphasize your shape, go for a thin, long necklace, but if you want a curvy look, wear a heavy statement necklace. An A-line gown would add volume to the hips and create an illusion of curves. A T-shirt style dress would work very well with this figure type. Flutter sleeves will make your waistline look smaller. A top or jacket flaring out below the waistline would look stylish on your body shape.

Now that we have told you about plus size gowns suitable for different body figures, use this information to make an informed decision for your dress.

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