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Why Craft Beer Is So Popular?

Craft beer is made by independent breweries that produce less than 2 million dollars per year. Although this is not a new concept, it has recently become very popular. In the last two decades, the market for craft beer has doubled. But have you ever thought why craft beer suddenly topped the chart? Well, here are a few reasons that will help give you a fair idea for the reasons of the popularity of craft beer across the globe.

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Reasons for the popularity of craft beer:

  1. Craft beer has more alcohol level

In most of the craft beers, the average alcohol by volume (ABV) content is between5% to 10%, but some craft beers provide you with 40% of ABV. Whereas regular beer that is produced in bulk only provides you with as little as 2%.  Yes, such beers are more like water and to get the single high of craft beer, you will have to drink 6-7 normal beer.

  1. Far better taste

If you are fond of drinking beer and want to enjoy the good taste, then craft beer is here for you. As mentioned, craft beer companies only make less than 2 million beer barrels yearly and thus, the love that is put to make each and every bottle is clearly visible in the taste. That is the reason 48% of people prefer this beer for their alcohol consumption. For these breweries, the taste is more important than the profit margin, which is not the case with normal brands that we know. Moreover, they make different flavors and flavor combinations that again is not the case with mainstream beer companies give you one taste fits in all the beer.

  1. Great nutritional value.

Yes, it is true although beer is known for its notorious health effects, but craft beer actually contributes to your health but only if consumed in limit. Here are some of the health benefits of craft beer:

    • Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.
    • Presence if silicon improves bone density.
    • Reduced risk of arthritis.
    • Helps in increasing high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels. HDL helps in lowering cholesterol.
    • Reduced risk of diabetes.
    • It can help in better digestion.
    • It can help in reducing the risk of dementia and cognitive impairment, but only if it is used in moderation.
  1. Season beer

You can find the beer as per the season and as per the event you are in and many fans of craft beer love it for this reason. For example, with the beginning of autumn, you can get a pumpkin spice latte beer like you get pumpkin spiced latte coffee. So, added versatility in terms of taste also makes craft beer so popular.

  1. Helps local farming

When you buy beers from regular brands, your money floats in different parts of the world, but this is not the case with craft beer. When you pick your beer from these breweries, you help the local community as they are made and sold in the very area where you belong. Thus you help locals by buying from local breweries and you enhance their power of purchasing. We all know that when locals are financially strong, we have a better society.

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Final takeaway-

If you love beer and if you haven’t tasted craft beer, then it’s time to visit a local bar and ask for one bottle of beer that is made with love and care and that brings a unique flavor that you will never forget. But one important thing to mention here is drinking in moderation is the key if you don’t, then you will not find some of the benefits that are mentioned here. Thus, order your first bottle of hand-made beer and enjoy every sip.

The Different Types of Metals Used In the Making of Sheet Metal Ducts

Not everyone who uses a heating and cooling system understands all about the materials used in their making. Having an idea about the types of materials used in the making of your AC helps you choose equipment that will last for years to come.

Sheet metal ducts are one of the components used in the heating and cooling equipment that improve the performance of the unit. The sheet metal ducts can be installed with ease, and are energy efficient at the same time. These ducts are strong and durable and can withstand wear and tear that occurs with a change in the climate. Be it high or freezing temperatures; these ducts provide optimum performance without causing any drift in indoor temperatures.

sheet metal duct

sheet metal duct

Sheet metal ducts are made using different kinds of materials. Some of them are mentioned below.

Galvanized steel

The galvanized steel used in the making of sheet metal ducts is quite mild and includes a rust-resistant coating. These are often used for designing ducts in commercial as well as residential buildings. The design is used as it offers flexibility to customize as per the customer’s needs, and the metal is strong enough to protect the ducts from air loss. This, in turn, helps reduce the bills. Mild galvanized steel is smooth and also prevents the formation of moisture, reducing the chances of fungus or mold formation.

Aluminum ducts

Another widely used metal for designing of ducts is aluminum. Thanks to its superb durability and lightweight, aluminum is now widely used for both indoors and outdoors. As the metal is also corrosion-resistant, it is one of the most popular choices for ducts. It is also used in various industries like construction, printing, automotive and mining. The sheet metal ducts made using aluminum are easy to install and maintain as well.

Stainless steel

Another metal that is widely used in the making of sheet metal ducts is stainless steel. The metal is quite strong and is ideal for those with a budget. Stainless steel is moisture and corrosion resistant and hence is widely used in the food industry. Sheet metal ducts made of stainless steel are hard to find as the metal has various applications in the field of construction.

Custom sheet metal designs

If you are looking for a custom design for your layout, you can hire a professional for the same. Skilled labor can create various types of ducts with the help of CAD software. The duct system is created based on several factors like the amount of heating and cooling required, and more. Once the design is ready, you can decide on the materials used, the size and the tools required.

Importance of professional ductwork

There are many reasons why you need to have good ductwork. Some of the reasons are mentioned below.

–          A faulty or damaged ductwork can cause air loss, which in turn affects the heating and cooling of the rooms. By hiring a professional for the installation process, you can reduce the bills to a great extent in the future.

–          Good ductwork ensures even cooling and heating across your house.

–          Gaps in the ductwork can allow pollutants and allergens to enter, which can cause indoor pollution. Make sure to hire a professional to avoid this.

sheet metal duct

sheet metal duct

Similar to any other HVAC system, a ducting system too need professional installation. This helps to avoid damage that occurs due to installation errors. Homeowners also need to make sure to keep the ducts clean and get them inspected by a professional at least once a year.

By understanding the different kinds of sheet metal ducts available, you can choose one that suits your requirements. The design you choose needs to provide you with even airflow while being energy efficient.