Signs That Indicate That You Need to Take Your Car to a Mechanic


You can easily fix the minor issue of your car by your DIY tools, but some complex jobs need specialised tools and knowledge. They are not only difficult and time-consuming, but they damage your car. If your car has any such issue, you should take it to an experienced mechanic. Here, we will discuss a few signs that indicate that you need to book an appointment soon.

  • Problems with Steering: Problems with your steering system can be extremely dangerous for you and your car, as it won’t be able to control the car during an emergency. Signs of a problem with the steering include difficulty while steering, wheel pulling to the right or left, wheel vibrating or feeling loose, car leaning to a side while braking or speeding, premature or uneven wear on the tires, etc. If you have any of these problems with your car’s steering system, then it is best to call an experienced mechanic to identify the problem and fix it in the best possible manner.
  • Engine Warning Lights: Most of the modern cars built these days have several sensors that monitor and measure different systems of your car. If the results they receive do not match the pre-set parameters, an engine warning light will turn on in your dashboard. This flight will start flashing if there is a serious problem that needs fixing immediately. Either way, don’t panic, just take your car to a local mechanic and let them discover and fix the issue.
  • Smoke or Steam from the Bonnet: First of all, notice the smoke or steam and see what colour it is. If it is white, it is probably because of overheating. If it is overheated, pull over for a few minutes and let your car cool down. Even though this is not a serious issue, it would be better to consult a mechanic and overrule the possibility of any other underlying problem. If the smoke if blue, immediately stop the car and call a local garage to tow it away. Blue smoke indicates burning of oil that can potentially damage your car’s engine. Similarly, if it is black smoke then it might be related to your fluid regulator.
  • Leakage: There are many fluids that you have to put in your car, including the coolant, fuel and oil. If you notice leakage from your car, probably it may get fixed with just car service. This will not only save your car from a potentially serious problem but will it will also save your money in the long run. To check leakage, park your car at a place for half an hour and notice if there are any stains on the ground. If the stains are bright green, they may be the coolant, and if they are brown or dark red, they may be brake fluid or oil. If you see water dripping from the front passenger seat, then you don’t need to worry at all, as it may be just the water coming from your car’s AC system.
  • Noises: The roaring sound of a speeding car is like a dream come true. But when your car makes strange noises, it becomes worth talking to a mechanic. So, if you hear clunking, grinding, squealing, dragging, droning, crunching, whining, or metallic sounds during the drive, then let a professional identify the reason and fix the issue.

Hopefully, now you know a few signs that you must notice in your car and take it to a mechanic if you suspect an issue.  You must check the license, insurance, certifications and customer reviews of the mechanic before you hire.

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