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Pros and Cons of Installing DIY Blinds

DIYs are the new buzz, it brings with it a lot of thrill and excitement, but the same is not valid for all, for some DIYs prove to be a complete mess. There are lots of people who post informative videos and blogs of numerous DIY projects on various online platforms and viewers learn DIY skills from there.

DIY Blinds

DIY Blinds

If you are also one of the DIY enthusiasts and are thinking to renovate or replace your regular curtains with blinds, then you can opt to take DIY blinds as your next project. Although, DIY projects are quite a in trend but like every other innovation, they too come with a set of pros and cons. So, let’s dive into what are the major pros and cons of DIY blinds.


Below mentioned are few advantages of installing DIY blinds in your space.

  • Saves Your Installation Cost – When you plan to install blinds through a professional service provider, it comes with installation and other miscellaneous charges that you can’t ignore. If you are tight on budget, then DIY blinds will be a good choice. This will help you save on installation costs which sometimes end up more than the cost of blinds itself. Make sure to take all measurements precisely to avoid any errors that could result in add on expenses.
  • Gives You More Satisfaction – Doing something on your own and finishing it gives an immense feeling of achievement and satisfaction that all DIY enthusiasts are well aware of. Same goes here also, when you are able to install DIY blinds and finish the project on your own, you feel much more satisfied and happier than getting it done by professionals.
  • Improves your DIY skills – It is rightly said that practice makes perfect. When you take up DIY projects, you learn a lot of new skills that were not known to you earlier. This helps to enhance your motor skills and brings to the surface your inner creativity. Moreover, you also get a grip on how to take precise measurements, follow instructions, and learn about new tools and equipment that can come into use anytime in the future.
  • Choice To Play With Options – Going for DIY blinds project you have the choice to play with various design and color options. You can create something that suits your taste. And this feature of customization is not completely possible with professional service.
DIY Blinds

DIY Blinds


Though, DIY projects give you so many perks, but they offer you thorns also which are as follows.

  • High Probability Of Errors – We can’t deny the fact that professionals are experts in their fields but we aren’t. No matter whether you are seasoned DIY enthusiasts or just naïve, there is a probability of making errors, especially, if you have done the task before. And if you are going to install DIY blinds for the first time, then just be more cautious as a small error can increase your expenses making your overall project more expensive than hiring professional service.
  • More Time Consuming – In DIY projects you need to start from scratch, right from taking all measurements, getting all the stuff and tools to the final completion of the project. So, it takes more time than getting the same work done by professionals. You might take one whole day to finish a task that professionals can complete within a few hours.
  • No Warranty Benefit – This is the biggest drawback of DIY projects. When you hire any professional service, they give you a warranty for their work so that if any issue occurs within the warranty period, they will repair that issue without any cost. But when you go for DIY, you miss this benefit. If you fall back, then you have to spend again to repair that issue.

So, these are the major pros and cons of installing DIY blinds. If you are not sure about handling the project, then don’t put your hands into it. It’s better to hire professionals at a reasonable price and get your work done in less time.