Why Are Oak Floorboards Becoming So Popular?

Having wooden floorboards in the bathrooms, basements, and offices has increased considerably in the last few years. The different types of people and choices have taken the world by storm from stones to marble to granite, and now wood.

Why most people are switching to wood floors is not a mystery. The mystery is why the trend changed in the first place. Most wooden floors are easy to lay down, durable, elegant, and inexpensive, though that depends on the people buying. 

Oak Floorboards

Different wooden floors appeal to different kinds of people with a varying range of prices. Some opt for bamboo, some laminate, and some switch to oak floorboards. Considering that it is a little expensive, but the result is so worth it.

Types of Oak Flooring:

If you are exploring the oak floorboards options, you will come across two popular choices white and red oak. Besides, people choose these floorboards because of their classy appeal and sturdy structure. Second, most people prefer these floorboards in their bathrooms because it does not make it slippery, and it is easy to walk with wet feet. 

As mentioned above, there are two basic divisions of oak floorboards, one being white and the other being red oak. The first thing that might come to mind is that one is red, and the other is white, and that is it. But, on the contrary, it is much more than that: 

White Oak:

  • White oak floorboards have a brown or yellow undertone.
  • It can get darker than red oak.
  • It is also harder than red oak; the hardness is 1360.
  • It has a smoother and cleaner look.

Red Oak:

  • It has a grain pattern that is comparatively stronger than white oak, thus making it more porous.
  • The grains are more prominent.
  • The hardness of red oak is 1290.
  • It has a pinkish undertone.
  • It is lighter than white oak
Oak Floorboards

Now that we have covered a few fundamental differences, let us dig deeper and understand more types and variations of oak floorboards. 


There are different gradients of these which are available for both red and white oak. This can affect the look of your house vastly. Thus, let us understand the types so that we make an informed decision: 


The clear form of hardwood has the least form of variation in terms of gradient, colour, and blemishes. It is the product formed by processing the tree’s heartwood, which is dense and yields the hardest timber. This type of wood is not used to furnish houses as it is a little expensive and comes in a very small amount from one tree. 


This is the best type of wood that can be used for flooring. These floorboards can be used as planks and have the correct amount of gradient. In addition, it has some natural blemishes and dark spots that make it naturally beautiful and perfectly imperfect. 

It contains all the types of hardwood, a combination of the differences between heartwood and sapwood. There are minimal character marks and knots that give it a natural look and form a perfect combination with small and gentle interruptions. 

We have discussed in-depth the flooring option; you must hire a professional contractor to ensure the right installation of the floorboards. Also, its regular maintenance and upkeep will ensure the longevity of the flooring. 


They are getting increasingly popular because of their aesthetics. It provides a uniform look and creates pretty patterns that go perfectly o your living room making it appear more elegant and suaver. In addition, it is easy to maintain and pretty to look at. 

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