What Are The Types And Benefits Of Parking Barriers? Know more about the latest barriers

Today the use of parking barriers has increased a lot. We can see them whenever we visit large properties, commercial and residential areas, multi-storey car parks and much more. These are important for your safety and security and helps you to become a deterrent towards vandalism and break-ins. People also use automatic car barriers in their parking. This creates an additional layer to the security system.

Points to note for the barriers used in parking spaces:

Let us learn about the types of barriers that are available in the market today.

Types of Parking Barriers

There are mainly three different types of parking barriers that are commonly used all around the globe. Each one has different features and benefits that people must know. This will help you to choose better according to your preference and needs.

  • Ticket Activated Barriers

    The first barrier that we will be learning about is the ticket Activated. These kinds of barriers allow only one vehicle at a time. Once the vehicle enters the parking, they get a parking ticket. Then the customer has to insert the ticket into the machine for the payment that will let them exit the place safely.

  • Manned Barriers

    Next on the list is the manned parking barriers. In this kind of system, an attendant is needed. They physically lower and raise the barriers for the drivers to enter or exit the place after the person has shown them their ID and paid the fees.

  • Pressure Activated Barriers

    This is the last one and has an interesting feature. When the barrier detects the weight of the vehicle, it lifts the barrier and gives access to the vehicle to enter. This is one of the easy solutions that some people use.

Parking Barrier

Parking Barrier

Benefits of Barriers

Now that we know the types of parking barriers that are commonly available in the market, let us learn about the benefits of using these barriers. This will also provide you with an answer to whether you should invest in these barriers or not.

There are plenty of benefits of barriers among which we will be learning three main advantages of installing a barrier.

  1. Helps Create Safe Environment

    One of the most common reasons why people install parking barriers is the first place is these barriers provide you with a safer space. If you manage a car parking area or have a car, one thing that will make you worried is whether the place is safe and secured or not. Unfortunately, in many cases, it is been found that cars get damaged in the parking area or are stolen. Using the barriers will make the space safer and will keep your worries at bay.

  1. No Unauthorized Parking

    The frustrating thing is when you turn up at your workplace and find that there are no car parking spots left for you to park. At times your usual spot might be taken over by someone who does not even work in the company. With the use of barriers, people can save themselves from this kind of situation. When people notice that there are barriers in the parking area, they will not dare to park their car and take over your place. This way you can make sure that people who do not work in your company have not parked in your workplace parking area.

  1. The Chances of Overfilling Is Zero

    With the use of barriers, you can reduce the chances of overfilling your parking lot. As mentioned earlier, this is the best tool to use for preventing access to strangers. The Automatic barriers count and keep track of the number of cars in the parking and do not allow additional vehicles. There is a huge demand for these in malls which overflows during festive seasons.

Therefore choose to deal with the best companies and get good quality car parking barriers for your use without any delay.

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