Things to Know about Spit Roast Catering

With the summer month setting it, you must be already making plans to call your friends and close family home. A gathering cause for delicious food and beverages shared with your loved ones. Have you ever considered trying a split roast for your next party?

Spit roast is a cooking or grilling technique where people roast a pig, turkey or chicken on open flame BBQ. Spit roast is also popularly known as a rotisserie and this is a roasting process where meat is skewered. Yes, the pig or the chicken is entirely fastened to the rod and it is slowly roasted on the BBQ so all can watch it and prepare their taste buds for this amazing delicacy. Spit roasting is much preferred during camping and outdoor recreational activities and gatherings where a fireplace or campfire can be used for spit roasting.

Spit Roast Catering

Spit Roast Catering

Choose the best BBQ catering services for spit roasting

Spit roasting is mainly used for roasting a whole animal such as pig or turkey using the rotational roasting process. The meat will extract juices and get cooked by a self-basting method. Today, most of the people prefer BBQ parties as these are perfect open-air parties for a big family or work gathering. You can conduct a BBQ party on your birthday or anniversary right at your front yard or backyard. A split roast menu will be a blast for such cozy parties.

Alternatively, you can hire the best BBQ catering services to arrange your party on behalf of you. A BBQ party needs an arrangement for lots of things such as food, ingredients, groceries, spices, sticks or solid rods for roasting, fireplace, cutleries, etc. Additionally, you need to also arrange drinks and beverages for your guests. It is really a daunting task to arrange all these things all by yourself. Hire the best spit roast catering services in this regard as they not only will help you with the roast but also all the rest arrangements.

Spit roasting or rotisserie is not an easy process and you need to acquire the skills by cooking in this method regularly. A small scaled spit roast can even be done with the whole meat in your small kitchen oven. Spit roasting also calls for some basic safety measurements. When you are conducting the party in your residential premises you must install proper fire safety protections. It is better to rely on the trained professionals in this regard because they not only will roast or cook the meat well, but they can also maintain the basic safety measurements.

Spit Roast Catering

Spit Roast Catering

History of spit roasting or rotisserie

Spit roasting was a common process used during the medieval periods. People used to spit roast their meat for their large families during that time. The servant who roasted the meat was called a spit boy and spit jack. The spit boy used to rotate the meat or animal body over a large oven to cook them slowly. The cook used to hold the meal or animal body with a large cooking rod. There were two common processes of spit roasting available during medieval times such as vertical and horizontal spit roasting process. Still, now most of the people use the horizontal spit roasting process because it is much effective and easier than vertical spit roasting.

Horizontal spit roasting can be used for cooking various meats such as chicken, beef and pork. In this process, an open boiler or grill is used. Here you will need to roast the meat with the steak. You can also use the conventional ovens for spit roast cooking. Most of the commercial shops or food joints these days use a motor-driven oven or large industrial ovens for their spit roasting process.

Balancing the entire food act is very important for this spit roasting. Spit roast is till date very popular all over the world. So next time you host a party thinks about it.


Know How to Select Caterers for Wedding Reception

If you are planning a wedding, then you have probably started to realize that wedding reception catering can be the most complex and confusing part. You may not be sure of the best food to serve your guests, how much they will eat, whether any of them have food allergies and so on. All of these are valid things to consider while planning your wedding reception catering. Many couples soon realize that there are many more things to prepare for their special day, and in this regard, you can hire a professional catering service to help you with ball possible ways.

Why would you hire professional caterers for wedding reception?

A wedding reception caterer will be able to help you plan with the perfect menu. They will be able to suggest their most popular menu items and will be equipped to work around any of your guests’ food allergies so that everyone can enjoy your wedding reception. It is suggested to choose caterers for wedding reception that have huge experience in this field and always check their menu before hiring.

Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception

A good catering service will be able to provide you with specialized and professional food servers in order to reduce your headache a bit. Companies that have been in the wedding reception catering business for many years will even be able to go a step further and help you completely visualize your wedding reception.

From the room layout to table arrangements and decorations, your wedding reception caterer will have the experience and expertise to help you plan a wedding reception your guests will never forget. So now you can easily search some best catering services in your town and choose the best one for your wedding reception.

How to choose the caterers?

Planning your wedding reception catering can be a frustrating task as you want to make sure that everyone at your wedding reception gets the perfect meal and has a wonderful time, all while staying within your budget.

  • Start your task by consulting with a handful of wedding reception caterers. Prepare questions to ask each of the caterers and pay attention to how they respond to your inquiries. Know the details about what each caterer offers and their catering methods, this will help you to go back to review and make your final decision.
  • Prepare a checklist of all the things you know you will require at your wedding reception and inquire about their charges and fees. While selecting additional fees and services, it is important to be aware of the rates and what your caterer will be charging you so that there are no surprises later on. Find out a reliable catering service that is going to be responsible for cleanup the areas after your reception is over.
Caterers for Wedding Reception

Caterers for Wedding Reception

  • After all, exquisite food will be the sole determining factor which would ensure that your guests have an amazing time and enjoy your reception. So, you must taste the foods of the catering services before hiring. even they can also suggest you the best menu for your reception and they can save your cost by cutting down unwanted dishes.

Hiring your venue and finding wedding reception caterer are probably the two most difficult things that you must prepare for. Of all the important tasks on your wedding checklist, catering for your wedding should be towards the top of your list. You should give ample time to find the right caterer as you want your wedding reception to be perfect. Giving yourself eight to ten months is enough to do some research and visit the various caterers in your area.

What to Know About the Types of Catering?

If you are considering catering as a career, then you should know  about the opportunities and prospects of this cateer. There are various types of locations where food would be required to be brought and served to the guests, including on planes, hotels, hostels and more. Ensure that you should determine the area that would work the best for you. Catering industry have many segments such as cooking, servcing, table decoration, guste relation, hospitality and many more. So you should choose the specility as per your niche and then join the catering or hospitality course to become a professional caterer in future. People choose this as their career because they can work independently and they can start their own business in the same field.



Residential catering services:

One of the most common types of catering is residential. The client would pay you a certain amount of money every month and you would have to deliver them meals, which could be vegetarian or non-vegetarian. You can set the prices for the meals, which could include various items that would change on a regular basis. This is know as home delivery service and you will get some clinets on regular basis also. so if you want to establish your business from your home and then you can start your catering service as residential caterer.

Event catering

Event catering

Airline and Railways

These days catering to trains and planes are becoming more and more diverse. You can serve up a meal to the passengers on the trains by simply cooking them and then getting permission to serve them. However, if you are looking to sell on the planes, then you require a contract. For both the cases, you need to take permission from the authority and you must maintain their food safety regulations and price range.

Commercial Locations

One of the major areas of catering is the commercial locations. These include:

Event Catering

Event Catering

  • Welfare – If you are interested in the welfare of those who can’t afford numerous meals every day, then this is something to look into. You can serve them meals, but you would also be able to give any leftover food to them as well.
  • Clubs – There are often clubs that are recreational for the members and there would be a few food joints for them to choose from. Not only would there be sit down style restaurants, but there would also be some locations that you can order some snacks. This is a great option if you are looking to sell snacks or drinks.
  • Restaurant – This place is where clients would come to enjoy food along with some drinks. The location can have a wide variety of cuisines available and that would depend on the type of food that the employees can make.
  • Hotel – These facilities can be dependent upon the hotels quality and the guests are typically identified only by the room that they stay in. Here you can choose from a wide variety of options that are on the menu, especially for lunch and dinner, while breakfast might be a buffet style.

You should ensure that if this is something that you are interested in that you start looking for the places to work. These are all great places and some of them pay more than others.

Also, catering is big for outdoor events or weddings, so think about this area as well. You would need to be able to show the clients that you can handle the larger orders, especially if the wedding is going to have a large guest list. You need to worry about the food as well as having everything available for serving, including the available manpower.

6 Tips for Hiring an Event Catering Company

Food is the main part of every event. Food plays a vital role in making of an event successful. Everybody look for good food whenever they head towards any event. It is important for the food to be of good quality as it helps everyone to get along with the theme and style of the event.

Event Catering

Event Catering

Catering of food is one of the vital things to look for as you cannot hire anyone offering mediocre quality food. So, here are a few tips that one should follow before hiring an event catering company.

How to hire the best event category company?

  • Experience of the caterer: With a great event, comes great responsibility. There are many things to look for when you are planning for a picture-perfect event. In an event, one should be conscious about the catering and make sure the catering company has an experience of handling more than a dozen of events. Experienced caterers will exactly know how to blend the food and serve it to the guests keeping in mind about the theme of the event.
  • Pricing of the Caterer: The catering service should be of good quality and with good quality food comes big price tag. When you opt for hiring a good event catering service, you should thoroughly go through the whole pricing of the event. One should be very clear about the budget, and whatever service it includes; be it the starters, the main course or the drinks. Do make sure to read all the terms and conditions given by the caterer thoroughly before signing the contract with them.
  • Food quality: The most important part that one should look upon very consciously is the quality of the food served by the caterer. Quality of a food involves the taste and the hygiene factor. There are so many caterers in the market dedicated to offering the concerned services, but not all of them adhere to the parameters of quality. Also, the food should match the theme of the event and it should blend with the style of the event. One should contact their friends and relatives and should look out for an event catering company to get a service focused on serving quality as well.
  • Availability of the staff: If the event is being organized on a large scale then the catering company should provide enough staff members to cater to the need of the people. One should thoroughly go through the staff availability of the catering company. If there is a buffet system then pretty good number of staff is required and if there is a bar counter, a trained bartender should be there to serve the drinks in a sophisticated manner. So, staff management is one such thing you should look out for before hiring a catering company for an event.
  • Tasting of a sample menu: The caterer that you are planning to consider for your event should set up a date before the main event, to make you taste for food items in the menu. This should be done once, to make sure that the menu is going to match the ambience of the event.
  • Input of other customers: The review from other customers regarding the catering company is a must, as it will help you know more about the quality of services provided by the catering company. Do take suggestions of other customers whom they have served, and then go for the best and affordable service in the market.
Event Catering

Event Catering

Hence, those were some of the tips that one should follow while hiring an event catering company. Hope these will help you in hiring the right people for the job.

How can Hiring Affordable Catering Services for Your Event be Beneficial?

Catering services for any big event consume a whole lot of time and money. Finding the good and affordable catering services for events has become such a norm in today’s world that a large number of catering services have started charging competitively in order to get a bigger clientele. On the other hand, it is very important for you to find affordable catering services for your event. So, when you choose the catering service for your events, you need to consider your budget, and you have to check their previous experience. To avoid wastage of foods, you can calculate the guest list on a prior basis, and you should consult with the caterer about it to save your budget.

Catering Services

Catering Services

How would you hire the best catering service for your events?

  • Save money to spend on other event aspects– Finding affordable catering services ensures that a good amount from the chunk of money, which was to be spent on food, is now spent on something more fruitful like the ambience, décor or welcoming the guests That might leave them longing for more and leave a bittersweet impression of the whole event. In order to avoid that, some funds from the catering service can be diverted to the warming up of the place, infrastructure, and other important aspects while the food can take care of its own. If you save some amount from the catering, then you can spend this amount on the decoration and other arrangements. So, you need to consult with the catering services and fix the rate accordingly.
  • Lowering of wastage and extra food– It is a general norm for extravagantly high priced catering services to take you for granted and make much more than the required amount of food as they know that the budget is high and that they won’t be facing a brunt for the wastage. However, if the catering services are affordable and decently priced, they are more careful about the limited amount of funds that they have and always try to make the fit-to-order food items so as to maximize their profits. This helps in reducing the wastage of food which is as good as wastage of money and helps in saving a good amount of money which can be used for other purposes.
  • Avoiding over-pompousness– It is often a trend that the catering services rely on word of mouth publicity for getting more orders and striking contracts. Getting an affordable catering service at such times makes more sense than getting an extravagant one as one has to match the extravagance in terms of other things as well- the location, the ambience, the décor and the warmth and greetings. Hiring an affordable catering service ensures that the entire event is well within budget and even if some show is done, it is done in the right places which do not raise too many eyebrows.
Catering Services

Catering Services

Affordable catering services can save your overall expenditure:

Affordable catering services are highly useful for people, especially who often use such services for corporate events or get together. They help in not only saving money and time but are also more streamlined, personalized and involved as compared to other high charging ones.

Moreover, they leave a good impression on the guests attending the event as the catering service prices and services travel by word of mouth and in no time, can they become a known fact for all people attending an event, and more. So, particular attention should be given while hiring a professional catering service. Now you can find many catering service from online portals, and you can ask for the quote from their official website.

So, compare their price according to their quality and then choose the best one for your events.