Ancient Techniques for a Modern Problem: Acupuncture as a Back Pain Treatment

Back pain, whether chronic or acute, can be a debilitating condition if allowed to exacerbate. Many sufferers decide to simply put up with the pain, having tried countless pain medications and therapy sessions, eventually feeling completely disheartened by the lack of relief. With the recent turn towards natural healing therapies, acupuncture has arisen as a potential treatment for back pain. The ancient technique has proven to be effective for the very modern ailment that is back pain, often caused by a sedentary lifestyle or by hunching over our computers.

Back Pain

Back Pain

However, many people still treat acupuncture as a last resort option, only trying the ancient remedy once they have tried over-the-counter medication, prescription pills, heat and ice packs, physical therapy or even considered surgery. In reality, acupuncture is more than just a last resort option, being shown to reduce or treat a variety of chronic pain conditions, including back pain.

Acupuncture is the process of stimulating specific spots of the body with thin, precise needles. This process promotes the body’s movement of energy, called qi, through its functional systems (the nervous, respiratory, circulatory, muscular and digestives systems).  By stimulating the nervous system to release chemicals, the body’s experience of pain can be changed, or its own internal regulating system can kick into action. Essentially, acupuncture stimulates the body’s own natural healing abilities, which can result in pain relief.

Back pain is a condition that affects a large proportion of the population (specifically, lower back pain affects 8 out of 10 people at some point in their lives), and is also known as the leading cause of job disability worldwide. Because of its pervasiveness, extensive research has been conducted on acupuncture’s ability to manage or treat the condition. The National Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health found that “acupuncture may help ease chronic low-back pain”, while researchers in China concluded that acupuncture seemed to have a “favourable effect on self-report pain and functional limitations in LBP patients.”

However, it is worth bearing in mind that there can be various causes of back pain, which may require different treatments. Scoliosis, sciatica and lumbar disc herniation are just some of the potential causes of back pain, with some causes necessitating surgery, physiotherapy or remedial massage, for example. Because of this, it is best to consult your doctor before seeking acupuncture as a treatment for your back pain, and check whether your chosen acupuncturist specialises in the specific cause of your back pain. If your back pain is new and you do not know the exact cause of it, get a diagnosis from your doctor to ensure that you are not at immediate risk of serious spinal damage.

Sciatic back pain can be eased by acupuncture, as it is can be caused by qi stagnation or damp accumulation. Acupuncture can be used to regulate the body’s own healing processes, and remove local blockages. While reducing the pain, acupuncture can also prevent further degeneration of the spinal discs.

Lumbar disc herniation is another potential cause of lower back pain and associated radiating pain and numbness. Acupuncture has been found to have a high treatment effective rate for sufferers of lumbar disc herniation, making it a viable treatment option for sufferers.

Acupuncturists will also treat lower back pain caused by inactivity or excessive strain. In fact, this is one of the most common complaints that people turn to acupuncturists for. By stimulating the central nervous system and preventing further degeneration, patients can enjoy greater mobility and pain relief. Other reasons for back pain include physical trauma, holding tension and stress in your back, pelvic inflammatory disease or menstrual pain, which may require other treatment options in unison with acupuncture.

One major appeal of acupuncture is that it is natural, therefore presenting minimal side effects or complications. Medications and surgeries can result in all sorts of unpleasant side effects and even harmful complications, which can prevent many people from seeking out any treatment at all. Those wanting a natural, holistic solution to their back pain could well do with trying acupuncture, as the procedure assists in overall mental and physical wellbeing, while not presenting any risks to the patient.

Acupuncture is a great option for ongoing back pain management, with treatments generally being on a weekly basis until you feel comfortable lengthening the time between sessions. Ensure you speak to an acupuncturist that is experienced in treating back pain that results from a variety of causes, and are diagnosed by a GP before consulting an acupuncturist.

The Benefits of Using Good Quality ENT Chairs

Medical diagnostic equipment’s have features and characteristics that make it easier for the doctors to diagnose their patient’s condition. These equipment’s also make it more easy to use and accessible for individuals who have disabilities. There are various kinds of medical diagnostic equipment, and one of them is the ent chairs used in clinics or practices. ENT chairs are available in 2 categories, powered chairs and manual chairs. The type of chair chosen is based on the budget of the ENT specialist or the practice. However, what needs to be considered is not only the budget, but also whether the ent chair will provide optimal comfort for the patient. ENT chairs should also allow the ENT specialist to check on crucial aspects. Such chairs should be long lasting and durable with flexible options such as to fix the chair to the floor or to use it with or without the footrest.

ENT Chairs

ENT Chairs

Types of ENT Chairs

  • The special ent chairs are designed to support and help people who are handicapped or aged. These chairs can be used in homes and at hospitals. They are not only easy to install, but also to operate and maintain as well. Usually handicapped or aged patients using wheelchairs face problems as wheelchairs are on a higher plane compared to ent chairs. However, the latest ent chairs come with the options to lower, raise, fold or unfold.  Such ent chairs are widely used as well as those that have portable lifts as well as stair glides and platform lifts.
  • The battery operated ent chairs work using an electric motor or a hydraulic lift. The main benefit of these chairs is that they can be used even during a power failure or in places where there is frequent power shut downs. The hydraulic chairs can even be worked when the battery is low which eliminates any need of manual strength. The only disadvantage with hydraulic ent chairs is that these are a bit difficult to maintain and are cumbersome.

When you buy an ent chair you need to ensure that it provides the option to lower and raise the chair. You also need to check whether the chair includes backup lifting for the chair lift. The lift should be compatible with the chair. You should also check the maintenance cost as well as how accessible and freely available are the spare parts of the chair.

ENT Chairs

ENT Chairs

Benefits of ENT Chairs

  1. ENT chairs allow the patient to recline completely so that the specialist can reach the affected area easily.
  2. The foldable armrests of the chair allow the doctor to get access to the patient easily.
  3. ENT chairs have a compact base that is easy to maintain and clean.
  4. Due to the design, space restraints are not much of a concern.
  5. The material used in ent chairs is vinyl which has anti-bacterial properties.
  6. These chairs have headrests that can be adjusted based on the preference of the doctor or the patient.
  7. Small surgeries can be performed on the ent chair without any need of moving the patient.

While choosing the right ent chair, you need to be aware of the available features which are useful for ENT specialists.  Purchase ent chairs only from reputed technicians and sellers. Compare the price from various sellers before placing an order.

Top 5 Things to Consider When You Invest in A Doctor’s Examination Couch

If you want to open your own pathology center or want to start your own clinic or nursing home, then you need to invest in a high-quality doctor’s couch for your examination rooms. A medical couch or a doctor’s examination couch must give enough comfort and adjustment facilities to the patient, especially to pregnant women and to aged patients with less mobility. There are different versions of doctor’s examination couch that are available in the market, and you can compare the features and the price quotes before you finally decide to buy the chair.

Doctor’s Examination Couch

Doctor’s Examination Couch

Top 5 things to consider before you buy a doctor’s examination couch

It is a major investment and an important comfort fact, so you must consider some important points when you decide to buy a doctor’s examination couch. Along with the general height of the footrest and the backrest, you must also keep in mind the material and functional feature of the chair before you invest in it. The top 5 features to consider are given below:

  1. Initially when you buy a chair, you must consider the contemporary look, along with easy-to-clean facilities. There can be different types of patients who come with venereal diseases and the doctor must use a disinfectant just after one patient gets up from the chair, and the next one gets ready to sit on it.
  2. There are also additional features like storage which you must consider when you buy a doctor’s examination couch. There are many companies that make the high-quality steel couches with epoxy powder coating and that have two or three drawers at the bottom. It becomes easier to keep the medical instruments and the patient’s dress and doctor’s cloak into these drawers, to facilitate examination.
  3. The gynecological chairs must be comfortable to allow a patient easy movement and flexibility. In this connection, the doctor must remember that there are different types of couches available depending on different needs and medical segments. For instance, the couch that works best for an orthopedic patient might not be the same for an ENT or dental patient.
  4. Apart from this, the material of the mattress and the cushioning fiber should be of high quality so that the patient does not suffer from any type of contamination.
  5. Moreover, a good quality doctor’s examination couch should be anti-slip, it should be durable and the doctor must have the advantage of operating it both manually or with the help of a remote control.

Which are the different areas where a doctor’s examination couch is used?

The doctor’s examination couch is used in general surgery and medicinal emergencies. Apart from this, there are high quality durable doctor’s examination couches that are used for treating overweight patients, and these are mostly used by bariatric surgeons. There are also some other departments like ophthalmology, dermatology, and wound closure and cardiology, which make use of the best quality patient examination couch. Some couches have easy to draw out storage cabinets, and paper roll holders, the latter applying to the treatment of patients who come with gynecological problems. Sterilization and maintenance of these couches is very important and the doctor must also see to it that the backrest can be adjusted to give the patient ultimate relief.

Apart from all these features, you must also consider the LED lighting arrangement and the ease of operating the couch. High quality medical couches are available in different colors and the dark shades are a better option to choose, as the lighter and pastel varieties can get dirty and soiled very easily. There are many disinfectants and liquid cleansers that you can use to clean these couches.



How to Choose the Best Chiropractic Treatment Table?

If you have any problem related to muscles, nerves, joints etc. You must visit a chiropractor. Chiropractic is a discipline of medicine that treats the problems related to these areas of the body such as chronic muscle pain, pain in the joints etc. In short you must understand that any type of problem related to neuro musculo skeletal system will be treated by a chiropractor.

Chiropractic Treatment Table

Chiropractic Treatment Table

  • You may have come across people who complain that their shoulders are always painful or they constantly have back ache pr their knees are always painful.
  • If these people want to get the actual relief they must visit a chiropractor who has the training as well as the knowledge about these problems and their treatments.
  • The chiropractor uses various exercises that help in strengthening the various muscles of the body and thus help in eliminating the chronic pain from which the people have suffered for many years. The chiropractor also employs methods like massage and stimulation of various kinds to treat the neuro musculo skeletal problems.

How the practice is carried out?

While treating the patients it is important that they are lying down against a solid base which is neither too hard nor too soft. This has led to the development of the chiropractic treatment table. These are not any normal tables but have been built to serve a specific purpose of chiropractic cure. The engineers who have developed this table have done so with the help of the chiropractors to aid in the treatments.

The requirements of the chiropractic treatment table

Generally, when a patent walks into the office of a chiropractor the clinician makes the patient walk and do certain everyday activities to assess the extent of the problem the patient is complaining of. Then, the patient is asked to lie down on the chiropractic table. This table should have the following characteristics so that it can be helpful in delivering treatment to the patient

Chiropractic Treatment Table

Chiropractic Treatment Table

  • Comfort: Comfort is one thing that is always desirable and especially when it comes to being used for some sort of chiropractic treatment it is always a need for the table to be comfortable where the patent can relax and spend time getting treatment without having any problem.
  • Supports: The chiropractic table must have various kinds of supports and a head rest. This attachment helps to keep the patient’s body relaxed and in a position that is considered balanced.
  • Adjustable: The chiropractic table also needs to be adjustable. This is important because the table needs to be adjusted according to the patients’ height and the problem and if it cannot be adjusted it is just a waste for the chiropractor. Also the doctor’s height may vary and this requires the table’s height to be adjustable. Many a time the patient’s body’s out of normal position due to some accident and it is at this time that the table’s adjusting nature can be put use to the most.

There are many elements in a chiropractic table that can be adjusted and can help in making the patient more relaxed. There are tables that work on different mechanics like the hydraulics. These allow the table to be raised and lowered. This is important because then it becomes easier for the patient to mount the table and when the table is raised enough the practitioner can perform the treatment at a comfortable position. So, it is apparent that the adjustability of the table is beneficial for both the patient as well as the chiropractor.

The safety of the patient is also of prime concern in choosing the chiropractic treatment table. The safety measures for the patient will include non transfer of infections from one patient to another by hanging the cover of the table after every patient.

ENT Clinic Set Up: ENT Chairs and Other Instruments

The area of medicine that takes into account the disorders associated with the conditions of the ENT region, or the Ear, Nose and Throat region along with the areas related to neck and the head is known as Otolaryngology. ENT surgeons, ENT doctors, and otolaryngologists are some of the common names for the doctors that deal with the specification of these areas.

There are various instruments that are used by ENT doctors for the examination of ears, nose and throat. These are described below:

ENT Chairs

ENT Chairs

  • ENT Chair:

ENT chairs are used by doctors to position the patient comfortably in order to properly examine him. The technology used in these chairs aids in its quick as well as an easy positioning. The position of the chair that is suitable for an ideal working condition can be easily obtained with an infinite amount of variable inclination of the backrest area in the horizontal region. These chairs can be rotated ninety degrees to the right side as well as to the left side, even when the patient is sitting. With the help of an electrical foot switch, the height of the seat can be adjusted.

The ENT chair can also be converted into a couch. This is made possible due to the synchronous coupling of leg support and arm rests. The backrest can be operated and adjusted electrically. The height of the neck of these chairs can be adjusted. They can also be removed if necessary. The patient can sit in a comfortable position for examination due to the presence of the foldable foot rest. With the help of stop levers, the upper portion of the chair can be rotated by three hundred sixty degrees.

  • Head Mirror:

The head mirror is commonly used in an ENT clinic. It consists of a concave mirror, which is of circular shape. This mirror is attached to a band. It is worn by a physician over the eye of choice. A hole of small size is present in the center of the mirror.  This mirror, when worn, leads to the placement of this hole directly over the eye of the physician, which, along with the outward facing concave mirror forms an illumination like a ring of light.

The main disadvantage of this instrument is that it requires some skill to be used. Due to this, pen lights are popular among general practitioners nowadays and have replaced head mirrors.

  • Endoscopy unit:

Modern setup of ENT uses a nasal endoscope, camera along with a light source in order to demonstrate patient’s cavities, which would otherwise be hidden.

  • Tongue Depressor:

This instrument is used for depressing the tongue of the patient and for examining oral cavity.

  • Nasal Speculum:

This instrument helps to view the inside area of a nose. Anterior Rhinoscopy is the name of the procedure that is employed in the inspection of the nasal cavity. 

  • Laryngeal mirrors:

These instruments are used for the examining of laryngopharynx and larynx. Indirect laryngoscopy is the name of the procedure in which the doctor holds the tongue of the patient and sees the reflection of the larynx with the aid of a mirror.

  • Ear Speculum:

Ear speculum is used to see the inside area of the eardrum and ear canal.

  • Otoscope:

This device operates with the aid of a battery. It consists of a magnifying glass and helps in providing a clear view of the eardrum. An otoscope is one of the most important tools for an otolaryngologist. It is frequently used for the inspection of the ear, throat and nose of bedridden patients, a child or an infant.

For more details on ENT Chairs please visit here and get useful details.

Standard Features Of A Gynecological Examination Chair

Women with gynecological-related issues often visit Gynecologist to get suggestions and treatment for their problem. Therefore, a clinic must have proper equipment and tools for examining and assessing problems related to gynecology. The most important need is to have a proper chair where patients can feel absolutely at ease and totally comfortable.

Gynecology Chair

A chair particularly meant to meet gynecological needs encourage a sensible and contended approach towards the required medical examinations. The idea is to ensure best comfort for patients and at the same time make an investment at reasonable budget. You can order a gynecology chair adapted to your needs with the right features. The objective would be to ensure comfortable and relaxed reception conditions for patients. Remember this that the chair should be in perfect alliance with effectiveness and simplicity.

Check through the following to learn about the standard features of the chair :-


  • Adjustable backrest assisted with gas-spring to allow the patient to sit in the most desirable position
  • Adjustable seat with recline facilitator regulated by electric actuator
  • Ensure accessibility, comfort, safety and hygiene for patients
  • Foot control with suitable leg rest or stirrups having pads fitted to it for patients’ relief
  • Seamless, foamy and medium density upholstery
  • Removable and waterproof upholstery
  • Upholstery made out of fire retardant covering featuring antibacterial qualities
  • The chair is integrated with roll paper to the advantage of patients and the doctor
  • The chair has a weight capacity of 200 kgs for supporting a patient
  • Sterilized pan made out of stainless steel that is sliding and removable. The pan is further equipped with splash guard cover and a drainage tube
  • Stable frame made out of stainless steel for long durability
  • The chair should have steel structure that has a light grey covering for the right look
  • Supported by a colposcope holder and rectoscopy cushion
  • Available in varied colors
  • Numerous functionalities
  • Determine various electrical movements, such as, tilt adjustment of seats, height adjustment, back section adjustment and Trendelenburg position
  • Supported with wheels
  • Since the chair ensures electrical movement, the electric motor determines a soft start and stop for maximum comfort and anti-crushing safety
  • Very slow movement of the chair and the back for patients’ convenience
  • Pedals with vivid displays to enable user
  • Easy to maintain and use
  • Pedal control
  • Levelers under base
  • Manual seat tilt up to various range
  • Hand grips

Gynecology Chair

A gynecology couch serves the right needs of pregnant women, patients with reduced mobility and elderly persons. They are received and treated in the chair creating a favorable circumstance for doctors attending to patients. The couch offers an assorted type of examinations so as to detect the right problem and required treatment for the same. To the person handling the chair operation should memorize the different examination positions along with the programmable pedals. The simple and uncomplicated pedal system reassures comfort of use particularly for the practitioner so as to facilitate him in his examinations. There is an extra supported cushion that can be extended like a table thus, widening the seat along with foot cushions for patients’ suitability.

Indeed, the gynecology chair is a practical and reliable couch that has a seamless design configured to the needs in accordance. No wonder, the chair has a simple design that is absolutely helpful and effective for gynecological use. The chairs can be ordered as per your personal preference and requirements of your workspace.

The ultimate objective would be to diagnose the patients and conduct check-ups without leaving any room for mistakes. In the practice, the chair proves highly essential and effectual. Hope you catch all above mentioned features of gynecological examination chair. If you want to know extra and find out more, then follow us here.

Phlebotomy Chairs For Best Comfort Of The Patients

Blood test is a nightmare for most people. They are scared of needles and the whole process is honestly not very comforting. When you are sitting for a blood test wondering about your health, you are already anxious about the results. In addition to that if you are made to sit on a chair that is uncomfortable without an arm rest, how bad would you feel? What most people are not aware of is that when you are tensed, the sitting posture automatically changes.

Phlebotomy Chairs

Examine the quality of the phlebotomy chairs:

Your muscles start tightening and you start experiencing discomfort. That is why it is extremely important that when you are under stress of any kind you, you need to sit in a comfortable position. This way, your body will relax soon and so will your mind. Phlebotomy chairs are thus the perfect solution to these troubles: 

  • These are the chairs that most doctors recommend to use while your blood is being drawn for a test. They have an arm rest, a comfortable back and are designed especially for this purpose.
  • The heightened arm rest allows the patients, especially the older ones, to sit comfortably without any pain. Phlebotomy chairs are of different kinds. The basic feature of all the chairs are the same, however, there are some minor differences.
  • The color and size varies depending on the customer. Some chairs come with an attached table top as well. They are extremely stylish in look. Using bright colored chairs in a clinic can verily lighten up the place.
  • These are the best examples for functionality and style. The arms can be quickly adjusted with quick release mechanisms. Here are some standard features that all phlebotomy chairs possess in general:

Adjustment according to the patient’s height:

The seat and back can be upholstered in different fabrics depending on the comfort of the buyer without any additional charges. With this, you can choose your desired color and material. The arm pads on either side of the chair are field replaceable. Fixed arms are included which help in prevention of injuries. Many times, patients faint or fall over while their blood is drawn. This is very risky and could lead to serious damages. Hence these chairs have fixed arms which fix the patient in a specific, standard position. These chairs are height adjustable as well. The height can be changed according to the patient’s height. It possesses a quick release mechanism which allows the function. Padded arms are height adjustable so that the same chair is used for various patients.

  • The seat is usually 20” in height which makes the entry and exit from chair easy.
  • Some chairs offer a variety of anti-bacterial and anti-microbial Crypton and Vinyl through their fabric supply partners.
  • Each of the chairs can take up to 500 lbs. It has been tested. The best part about these chairs is that they can be custom made to your specific needs. There is a lot of risk involved while you are giving blood.
  • Many patients need to be sedated before their blood is drawn. The phlebotomy chairs are adjustable in every way. They lock the patient inside the chair without giving any discomfort to the patient.

These are standard chairs that all doctors recommend for use. They are also known as blood drawing chairs. Some of these chairs also have a foot pump attached to it and this provides good support to the feet. The posture that you sit in on these chairs helps to relax your nerves. These chairs are on the whole very helpful and essential for those who fear of blood tests. If you want to know more then let’s have a look to get additional information about phlebotomy chairs.