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How Do Electroplating Services Work On Antique Brass?

Brass is one of the most popular elements in the world. It is an alloy of zinc and copper that produces a desirable mixture of electrical and mechanical properties. It offers great electrical conductivity and is quite the tough material in the list of materials one can encounter in mixtures. Brass is also a very expensive alloy. It is priced higher than copper in the market usually. Brass antiques are used as decorative pieces, and they add up to the aesthetics of the place. In this blog, we will unfold the art of electroplating that helps create antique brass effigy.

Electroplating creates a coating of one metal with another using hydrolysis. The main objective of electroplating is to protect the main metal from corrosive agents in the atmosphere. The second objective is to increase the aesthetic appeal of the object. Brass is often electroplated with other metals such as nickel to ensure a barrier that allows no pores, corrosion, and leaks. Similarly, many antique objects are electroplated with brass to ensure that they last long.

Some companies offer their services exclusively to this very cause – electroplating brass objects and electroplating objects with brass. Brass objects require special attention and, thus, are electroplated by special companies too. This article will get to know more about this electroplating and companies that render similar services.

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Electroplating Services on Antique Objects

Collectibles are passed on from one generation to another as heirloom products. They have become valued things in the home. Sadly, numerous collectibles will undoubtedly have damages, minor abrasions, or free paint all through long stretches of its life. Metal plating using brass is the ideal way to re-establish collectibles and add a defensive layer. Our master administrations governing the services that give cleaning, polishing, lacquering, and metal plating of antiques ensure that the antique objects are perfect to last a few more years.

The Type of Metal Plating on Antique Brass

Usually, the best kind of metal plating on antique brass is the conventional process of cyanide plating or the cyanide brass process. The conventional cyanide plating process plates two times faster than the cyanide brass process. This is a single additive process that results in a shiny, lovely brassy yellow, green tone to the metal. The brass color comes out in a 70-30 ratio. The process takes place at a low temperature, around 105 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale. It can be used for both rack and barrel operations.

Both copper and zinc form a great alloy composition that gives the object an excellent current density and a temperature range. E-Brite B-150 often uses an electro Solv as an anode corroded in the case of reducing the growth of carbonates. The electro Solv ensures that adding copper and zinc cyanide to cover the brass object is avoided or reduced over the brass barrel lines. This is the case when 70/30 brass anodes are used for electroplating brass objects.

Antique Brass Electroplating Services

The services that volunteer to electroplate your brass offer a large range of services overall. They also do:

  • Plating Finishes
  • Metals
  • Polishing
  • Lacquering
  • Architectural

Apart from brass plating, there is silver plating, bronze plating, chrome plating, and blush nickel plating. The plating colors come with a large range, including premier blush rose gold, premier retro copper, premier aged copper, premier retro nickel, and premier aged bronze. The companies in Australia are offer brass plating services to make sure that the projects are completed with utmost care and speed.


Make sure that you choose the best company providing quality antique brass process. Get your antique objects electroplated from the companies in and around you who offer services in the domain.

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