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Some Major Remedies to fix Blocked Drains

A major nightmare for all home owners is that of having blocked drains in the house. Nothing brings up the anxiety levels of the owner of a house than the sight of a clogged bathroom or kitchen. The clogged drains are one of the worst situations for any person to be in. it is the most dreaded situation by most restaurant owners and hoteliers as well. However, since they have 24*7 support team to fix such problems they are not affected much by the clogging of drains. On the other hand, the working home owners who live alone and just come home to sleep or for changing their attire, discovering to know about the situation is a bothersome issue. In such situations they have no option but to wait for the plumber to come to their rescue. However, they should start with some basic damage control. Here are some of DIY methods of unclogging the blocked drains.

Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

Chemicals available in the market

One of the easiest ways to unclog blocked drains is to make use of unclogging chemicals which are available in the market. The chemicals are very effective, and we should keep them in our houses in case an emergency breaks out. We already know that the drains can be clogged due to various reasons; therefore, these chemicals come in very handy as it helps in cleaning out whatever is there that is causing the drains to clog. Therefore, this is one of the most used remedies for unclogging the blocked drainage pipes.

Baking Soda with items

Another popular way of getting rid of blocked drains is the usage of baking soda for the purpose. We are familiar with the fact that sodium bicarbonate is an effective way in cleaning out grime and dirt; therefore, when we mix them with the right ingredient, we are bound to get astonishing results.  Baking soda with Vinegar is the great science experiment and is also a reliable method of cleaning the clogged drain. You should pour down one part of baking soda and one part of vinegar simultaneously and let the bubbles produced the magic overnight; you should also pour down a healthy amount of warm water after the baking soda mixture has been poured. Baking soda with salt is also another great way of keeping your drains cleaned. We need to mix one part of baking soda with one part of salt to form the mixture. You should immediately follow it up with four parts of hot water and let it sit overnight to let the magic happen.

Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

Hot water

If you find yourself in the miserable situation of blocked drains, the first thing for you to do is to schedule your plumber to come to rescue. After you have done this, you should not waste time and lounge around. You should get going, and effectively boil water and then pour it down the drain before your plumber pays you a visit. This technique is guaranteed to relieve some of your tensions and also make your drains clear. However, this technique might be bit tricky as you have to ensure to pour down only hot water otherwise the cold water could harden up the grease and may further worsen the problem.

Carbon Dioxide

This item may not be the preferred method, but it effectively unclogs the drainage system. Carbon dioxide, when poured down the drain reacts with the dirt and releases some of it. Therefore, this is also one another way clearing out the blocked drains.

Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

Above mentioned are some of the major remedies to fix blocked drains. Next time when you experience the related issue, you must not panic as you know now what has to be done.

5 Common Issues Of Blocked Drains And Its Solution

The most common inconvenience which every house owner has to face is the blocked drains. It is not merely an inconvenience rather it is disgusting, odor producing and unhygienic issue faced by everyone. No sooner the drains get clogged, water starts accumulating in the sinks and overflow situation often occurs. The more you delay, the worst the situation would get. If you get it cleaned periodically, then such situations can be ignored. However, when the foreign objects drop accidentally or intentionally into the drains, it can be a big mess.

Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

Few Causes of Blocked Drains and Their Solution

In the indoor plumbing, blocked drains are quite a common issue fixed by the experts. However, you can easily ignore it if while knowing prominent causes and its solution.

  • Hair and Dirty Flakes: The most common reason due to which the drains of the bathroom get clogged is the hair and the dirty flakes that usually binds with the soap lather and slips into the drainage pipe. As this process is bit continuous, a huge lump of hair sticks to the walls of the pipe thereby reducing the flow of water quickly or as before. At a very first instance, one should add a cup of boiling water onto the drain. Don’t worry, the problem isn’t solved.

The hair has to be removed now. If the hair accumulation is less, one can get it out through gloved hands. However, other devices are also used which includes drain stopper which is a thin metallic wire-like structure.

  • Grease and Oil Fats: Just like hair clogs the bathroom drainage, grease and oil fats block the kitchen sink pipes. The fatty substance is the major cause which blocks the pipes and sinks in the kitchen. Slowly and gradually a thick layer of fatty components and other food particles stick into it thereby restricting the flow of water.

The best way to get rid of it is by pouring steaming boiled water. Don’t try to wash the grease through the pipes. It is not only unhygienic and smelly but also quite difficult to remove. Prefer expertise cleaning if the issue persists after boiling water also.

Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

  • Toiletries: Blocked drains or toilets are obviously a nasty scene. This generally happens when people try to flush down those objects that generally do not dissolve in water. It includes feminine hygiene products, dental floss or the cotton tabbed swabs.

In order to clean the drains, the very first option is to use the plunger. The best plunger often shoots the jet of water to clear the pipe. Apart from this drain auger which is handy can be used for the height of up to 2 to 5 feet. Regular cleaning should be done to ensure smooth water flow.

  • Poor Installation: Bad installation is also the common reason which leads to the pipe and drains breakage. Though DIY hacks can be easier yet it is recommended not to install your own pipes and drainage system when you know nothing about it.

The best way to get rid of blocked drains is to get the entire system installed by an expert. They would perfectly install it with an appropriate water flow system that would minimally avoid drain blockages.

  • Heavy Rain and Storms: Drains are designed for the minimal flow of water and it often gets flooded and blocked drains can be seen especially at the time of rainy season. Make sure it is regularly cleaned so that lumps of leaves and other materials carried by the storm are duly cleaned.
Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

Inspect appropriately and get the blocked drains cleaned as soon as possible either through DIY methods or by the expert drain cleaners.

Get the Right Blocked Drains Pipe Relining for Your Home

There was a time, when digging was the only solution to repair the blocked or damaged drains at your home. This process was quite expensive and a stressing task to get out the complete pipe to repair it. But now, pipe relining process is an excellent solution to repair such pipes. If you are facing any fix issue with your blocked drains pipes such as blockage or damage, you can use the pipe relining process to get rid of such issues. Pipe relining systems are getting popular due to their features and advantages at various types of buildings.

When you have any issue or damage with your drain pipes, you have two choices. You can either call any pipe relining service provider or you get drain pipe relining done at your home. If you are facing such issues frequently, it will be better to get your own drain pipe relining system. Before choosing a suitable pipe relining for your place, you need to know the requirements. You should choose the system according to your place and your needs. Here are few tips to help you to choose a perfect pipe relining system for your home.

Drain Pipe Relining

Drain Pipe Relining

Types of Pipe Relining

To choose the perfect pipe relining, you should consider the type of your drain pipes. Mainly there are 3 types of pipe lines.

  1. Vertical Pipe Relining: The vertical pipe relining systems are perfect options for high rise buildings. Any high-rise building and apartment use the vertical long pipes for the drainage system. If you are facing any drainage problem with such pipes, you should choose the vertical pipe relining. Vertical pipe relining is suitable for any apartments, multistory houses or commercial buildings.
  1. Lateral Pipe Relining: The lateral pipe relining systems are used in buildings where you want to increase the water flow pressure. In such buildings, the drain lines are used from the building to the main sewer nearby. Lateral pipe relining systems are quite effective to clean any blocked pipes as well as to boost the water flow in the drain pipes.
  1. Horizontal Pipe Relining: Horizontal pipe relining systems are most popular systems among all other types of systems used. This type of pipe relining is used mostly at homes, residential buildings and commercial buildings. If you have any issues with horizontal pipes in your home, this system is perfect for you. It can be used to clear the blocked pipes, increase the water flow in the pipes and repair the damaged pipes. You do not need to destroy anything to repair such pipes. Horizontal pipe relining will be a good choice for your home.
Drain Pipe Relining

Drain Pipe Relining

These are the 3 types of pipe relining systems which you can choose according to your requirements. To get the best results, you can get the high quality video inspection systems along with pipe relining. These systems help to locate the location of damage or blockdrains easily. Then you can use the pipe relining systems to repair such damages without wasting much time.

The pipe relining system is very beneficial for you as you will get many advantages by using this process. This relining system will help to decrease the maintenance and repairing costs of the drain pipes. You need not dig any pipes or construction. It is an effective system to keep your drain pipes in good condition. If you are also looking for the best pipe relining system for your place, then choose one based on your home and your budget. You can keep every pipe in the drainage system clean and well maintained by using pipe relining.

Keep in mind some tips & stay out your Blocked Drain Trouble

A Clean Affair

Drainage system is one of the important systems that need to be maintained periodically. All the hygiene depends upon the drainage and its cleanliness. If the drains are blocked, then it gives rise to many serious health issues.  Blocked drains can seem one of the worst disasters you have faced. Smelling, and causing the whole house to smell like a drain can, besides being frustrating, be unhealthy and cause many health problems. Water getting clogged or not being able to flush smoothly can be due to a bad blockage in the drain. These unwanted occurrences in the drain ca halt your whole routine. Therefore it is highly advisable to keep the emergency contact numbers of the person who can unblock the drains and make them clean.

Blocked Drains

Knowing the problem

The moment you find the water is not flowing out at a regular speed and the waste seems to be collecting, at the same time you should make provisions to get the drains checked and cleaned, before this leads to your home being flooded with waste water. Te chambers of your home should be checked properly which ensures that whether the blockage is in your pipes this calls for dialling the plumber who can solve this problem with ease.

  • Steps to be followed in the case if the plumber is not available:

In case you find it difficult getting a plumber at a short notice, following the few steps listed below might be helpful.

  1. The first step is not to empty any more water in the drain as this only compounds the problem.
  2. Make sure you are dressed in such a way so that you are protected. Like wearing full sleeves and gloves keeps you safe from all the muck you are exposed to.
  3. Keep the drain rods ready. These are easily available and are a must in such dire situations.
  4. Opening the drain cover carefully so that there is no harm done. Scrape off the rust if there is any, and handle it in a way you do not land up breaking the lid.
  5. Using a rod with a plunger attachment, and after a lot of twisting and turning, you will be able to clear the obstruction.
  6. Once you have succeeded in dislodging the blockage, make sure you flush it with a lot of water, as this is helpful in any remaining debris being flushed off.
  7. Very important to keep a watch on your drains, as this is a great help in knowing when the blockage starts, and you are able to attend to it immediately without waiting for it to get worse.
  8. Be very careful when you disposing your wastes, as this is one of the main causes of the drains getting blocked.

Keeping the above tips in mind, it gets easier to stay out of trouble, but again, anything is possible

  • The Right Company

    We have many companies who are able to offer their services where the blockage of drains is concerned. It is always more sensible to keep few such numbers handy in your contact list, as you never know when you might want them. A few numbers will be helpful as if one is not able to attend, someone else might be of help to you immediately. There are companies who have a vast experience in dealing with such problems and have professionals who attend in a clean and neat manner, without further adding to the mess. Making sure these companies can  make emergency calls and can solve all sorts of problems related to the blockage of your drains, you do not need to wait for a blockage but keep all the information ready so that you are not running pillar to post in case of an emergency.

  • Fixed prices

    Checking out the prices before hand will keep you away from those companies who take advantage of the emergency in your home. In short, look out for a well reputed company who follow certain principles and believe in helping you out, instead of making a quick buck.

After reading these above mentioned guide, you understand all the things about choosing plumber of Blocked Drains. If you want to know further then go here to get more information.