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Guide to Choose the Best Lawn Mowers

It is very difficult to prune the grasses of the garden and you cannot maintain your garden on regular basis. In this case, you can buy the best lawn mowers to maintain your garden, and you can spend your weekends on such garden activities. This is a great physical activity that can help you to reduce your stress and you can give a fresh look to your home.  But, choosing a lawn mower is a daunting task due to the plethora of options available. You can consider the following points to choose the best lawn mowers.

  • Durability: You need to consider the durability, versatility, and functionality of a lawn mower before you choose.
  • Walk mowers or ride mowers:  There are two types of lawn mowers available such as riding mowers and walk-behind mowers. If you have less than ¼ acre land then you can use walk-behind mowers. These are manually operated mowers and they can be used for domestic garden. But, if you have a large commercial garden then you need to use riding mowers. Riding mowers can prune the grasses faster.

For example, if you have a garden less than ten thousand square feet then you can use a 22-inch lawn mower. It depends on your choice that how would you mow your garden, and if you want to mow your garden in a convenient way then you can choose a riding mower. You do not need to operate such mowers manually and you can drive these mowers like car.

Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower

  • Cutting blade: If you have a garden in complex design then you need to choose a lawn mower that has a 360-degree angle cutting blade. It can easily trim the borders of your garden and you can keep your landscape neat and clean.   
  • Driveslawn mowers are designed with different kinds of drive and you can choose the best one according to your requirements. 
  • Front-wheel drive: you can clean the corners of your lawn by this drive and you just push down the handle of your lawn mower to reduce its traction on the front wheel. Lawn mowers designed with front-wheel drive are best for a small garden designed with a lot of obstacles.
  • Rear-wheel: this is best for up-hill and side-hill mowing, and you can use this drive on the hills. If you have an outhouse in a hill station then you can use a lawn mower with rear-wheel for your garden.
  • All-wheel drive: there are few lawn mowers available that are designed with all-wheel drive, and these mowers can cut across the washboard, side-hill, up-hill and sidewall areas.
  • Mower-mulches and bags: You must check two major functions of a mower-mulches and bags. Most of the mowers are equipped with mulches that can prune small grasses, and you cannot use such mowers in the spring and early summer. There are few mowers available that have mulches, bags, and side discharges. You can use cut the tall weeds with these mowers and you can run such mowers on non-turf grasses.
Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower

  • Transmission: Apart from that, you need to check the transmission of the mower before you choose, and you must buy a mower that has better horsepower. There are few lawn mowers available, which are designed with three transmission systems.
  • Power: You can run such mowers by fuel, gas, or electricity. It is better to choose an electric lawn mower for your domestic garden because you can easily plug-in your mower to clean your garden. Else, if you have a large backyard then you can go for gas or fuel operated mowers.

Buying Leaf Blowers: How To Make The Right Decision?

Leaf blowers are versatile machines; if you have estimated them to be useful only during the autumn season, then you are misjudging the usefulness of blowers. They are highly versatile and can be used all the year round. You can use them to get rid of the debris, light snow, and clippings. If this has changed your perception about the use of leaf blowers, then probably you should read ahead.

How To Choose The Right Leaf Blower?



Choosing a leaf blower from so many options available in the market can leave you perplexed. There are hand-held leaf blowers and the corded ones. They differ in size and efficiency, so choosing one of the best from them can be an overwhelming task. We bring you this compact guide that will let you choose the right machinery.

Different Types Of Leaf Blower :

There are various options available in the market, we bring you the two popular choices:

  1. Electric leaf blowers- They have become very popular owing to their lightweight and easy handling option. Moreover, they don’t make much noise. Thus, it gets very easy and comfortable for the user. In addition to this, the electric blower requires lesser maintenance and thus it is one of the most popular choices amongst the homeowners. However, when you compare them with the gas powered ones, then the electric ones are not that efficient. Whether you take the battery operated one or the corded one, they are not as efficient as the gas machines
  2. Gas Leaf Blowers– When it comes to more commercially usable machinery then, the gas leaf blowers are a great choice. They are used by landscapers and are perfect for clearing off the debris. The engines having 2 or 4 cycles can be loud, but when it comes to the outcome, then you can definitely lay your bet on the gas blowers.

Features Of Leaf Blower:



  1. Narrow nozzle for blowing- this is yet another important feature that you should be looking at. Most of the machines that are available in the market can blow off the leaves but if you are looking for the one which can more efficiently clean the lawn, then you should buy the ones which have a narrow nozzle for blowing.
  2. Easy access to the mulching blades- While cleaning your garden you would definitely not want to get your hands dirty and hence it is a good choice to switch to blowers, but what if the leaves are wet, they can clog and multifold the problem. So, shift to metal mulching blades which can be used to clean the blowers, don’t use the plastic ones as they are not so durable.
  3. Waterproof collection bag- While choosing the blowers, it is important to check the quality of the collection bag. Most of the companies would ask you to use it only on dry leaves, but you cannot always be assured that the leaves would be dry. Hence, try to choose the ones who have waterproof collection bag.
  4. Shoulder strap and grip – While choosing the hand-held blowers, it is important that you must choose the ones which have a strong grip and padded shoulder strap. These features make it easy for the user to handle the machine and use it for a long time without getting hurt.

Concluding point:

While choosing the cordless blower, it becomes important that you should choose the one which is highly efficient and durable. Investing in the wrong machinery can not only make you lose money but at the same time, it will not give you the desired outcome. So, make sure that you switch to the right machine and consider all of the above points before choosing one.