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All That You Need to Know About Wellmaster Hoses

By means of providing great quality in the field of bore drop hose, Wellmaster has made a great name for them. They started just two decades ago and from then onwards they have take great strides in the field of hoses. The wellmaster hoses are considered to be of great value due to the kind of quality that they provide in this field. They provide a unique product and the hoses from wellmaster and there is the single piece construction that makes it more unique and sought after option when it comes to hoses. In order for the riser to be used for great depths, the hoses are made of synthetic yarns. There are a lot of other benefits of the wellmaster that you can get.

Wellmaster hoses

Wellmaster hoses

Effective solution provided

Very little power slack is required with the wellmaster hoses and this also ensures that you get accuracy with the hoses. The life expectancy of the wellmaster hose is very long and so when you invest your money in this single piece then you can be sure of long term benefits. Since these are made to last long, the maintenance cost of the system is also very low.

Simple installation procedure

The wellmaster hoses are lighter in weight and so these are very easy for the installation. The best benefit is that these hoses are easy for retrieval as well. Since there are no sectional joints the installation and retrieval process is also very easy. Since these are made out of synthetic yarn, the installation becomes very easy and there are a lot of easy methods that the company provides with the product. Since these are easy for installation and retrieval there are a lot of companies that look forward for getting this product.



Low process cost

Since these have hydraulic performance the operation cost is quite low as compared to the other hoses. This also helps in the efficient pumping of the system and as a result the overall cost is also reduced. The hoses from wellmaster are tough, sturdy and durable so you do not need to think about replacing them in a long run.

Great performance

The hoses from wellmaster are known for their excellent performance. As compared to the rigid pipes it ensures higher flow rates even when there is a lot of boring done because the hoses have the option to swell up from their current size. The flexible nature of these hoses helps them to provide great performance to the boring and other applications where these are used. This is the nature that attracts a lot of consumers to opt for the wellmaster hoses instead of any other rigid type of hoses that have performance issues.



Best option

When it comes to the extraction of ground water there are a lot of things that you need to consider. The cost of installation, the maintenance and also the timely repairing cost is what you need to take care of. In all of these, the most important thing that you would want is to get the best service in the least cost. This is true with the wellmaster hoses because these are flexible, and provide great installation option and on the other hand it also helps in cost saving because these are easy to install and remove from the place.

When you consider the above mentioned details about wellmaster hoses, it will help to make an informed decision of the same and then finally come to a conclusion to help you with the best options that will give you long lasting benefits.

Be familiar with the Features of Wellmaster Hoses

The company of Wellmaster has created a nice name for itself since it is a first bore drop hose company. Being in the industry for a long time, this brand has constantly managed to upgrade its quality so as to reach a superior level. You will be able to get the wellmaster (boreline) with many benefits. Wellmaster hoses are crafted with superior technology, with fine synthetic yarns, polymer materials, and internal coatings which are rust and corrosion-proof.



What are the best features of Wellmaster hoses?

  • These wellmaster (boreline) hoses come with a long life prospect. When you make use of these hoses you will be able to save more money for many years in one go.
  • It is also not expensive to maintain them. As they need very little power cable slack, you will be saved from higher amounts of electricity bills.
  • The pump and the hose settings are easy to do, and you will have the facility of getting a high tensile, long strength and durable hose from the renowned company named Wellmaster.
  • You can easily install these Wellmaster hoses. Its continuous lengths are all the more lighter when compared with the rigid pipes. Since there are no sectional joints, it will be able to provide for a faster retrieval. If you are peeved with regards to controlling these accessories, then with these wellmaster (boreline) hoses, the accessories such as that of the level probes can easily be managed.
  • Wellmaster hoses have an excellent hydraulic performance. You will also be able to reduce the pumping costs with these hoses. Since they are made of superior pumping technology, they are easy to operate and sediments do not develop on the internal surfaces of the hose.

Pumping facility that gives you no trouble regarding storage and transportation:

One more benefit which you can get from the Wellmaster hoses is that you will need less of water hammer on pump shutdown. The tights bores provide greater flow. They facilitate the entire process of pumping, so they are widely used for irrigation, chemical and construction projects.

  • It is very economical to set up these hoses as they are lightweight and compact. They will also not be a drain on your financial resources in terms of storage and transportation.
  • These wellmaster (boreline) hoses are durable as well as sturdy and tough. They are able to withstand corrosion, microbiological interference and scaling. Since in these hoses high quality of hydraulic performance is maintained, you will be provided with energy saving.
  • You will also be provided with an excellent performance. Moreover, the hose can well save up to as much as fifteen percent over the diameter which will remain unaltered under the conditions of its operation so as to ensure higher flow rates when taken into comparison with the other pipes that are rigid. The ‘through the weave’ technology increases the flow of clear water, ground water and also the channelization of water in case there is a fire. So you can always trust the Wellmaster hoses. You will be able to use these hoses as a piping solution even in difficult locations.

Asides from being aware about the advantages that Wellmaster hoses offer, there are many other applications that include the following:

  • In desalination of plants
  • To prevent saline intrusion
  • Extraction of mineral and portable groundwater
  • Offshore pumping
  • Offshore drains, rigs and caisson duty
  • Reduction groundwater pressure in tunneling
  • Scavenger pumping requirements
  • Stabilizing groundwater in building sites

Moreover, the Wellmaster hoses are also used in hydraulic applications and other processes, in the heavy industries including construction and mining and also to transfer the material to another fluid. If you want to know more information about wellmaster hose then just check out this page and get more info.

Installation Procedure Of Boreline

Water scarcity, dirty water, acute water conditions- these are a few of the many commonly faced problems by all and sundry. Depleting water table, contaminated water sites or environmental hazards have forced human beings to invent ways for themselves for safe, clean and easily accessible water.

What is bore water?

Bore water basically refers to that type of water which is drilled from underground. A bore hole is dug into the ground till it reaches the level of water, and the water is brought high above with the help of bore pipes. This water can be derived from an aquifer when rainwater trickles down inside the stones, the rocks, and it is drilled out with the help of bore pumps. This type of a pump is very suitable for an area where there is extreme scarcity of water.

How bore water is different from the other sources of water?

Traditionally water was naturally available through wells, rivers, ponds etc. And it was not even contaminated. But with the increase in population coupled with multiple use of water as a natural resource, water scarcity started to set in:

  • It was found that be digging for water into the ground; ground water can actually be brought above the surface of the earth, with the help of motor pumps.
  • These pumps did pull out water but they had and still have problems like galvanization, constant replacement of pump or motor or pipe or all.
  • Then there was this Boreline technology that took birth. This is a very convenient way of getting water from under the Earth as it can really go deep. It is safe, world approved, very efficient and sustainable technology so far. This technology is the best available when efficiency and highest standards cannot be compromised.

The installation procedure is very simple as stated under:

  • First the boreline and the pump need to be connected to each other.
  • Then the power cable needs to be attached to the boreline through cable straps.
  • And lastly, the pump is lifted and the boreline is lowered in.

It can be installed both vertically and horizontally and this can be finished within few hours.

Also a lot of industries like agriculture, mining, solar etc cannot function without this Boreline Technology. Let’s take a quick look at the advantages that the Boreline has to offer over other conventional options like Steel pipes, PVC pipes or Fiberglass pipes.

  • Life Expectancy

Unlike steel, Boreline has very high life expectancy with Fiberglass and PVC coming very close. Steel wears out with time so avoid steel pipe installations.

  • Transportation & Storage

Boreline pipes are the easiest among the options available to transport as well as store. You do not need heavy vehicles like trucks to do the job for borelines. So a big cost saving is included over here. Also in areas where transportation through land is difficult or not possible, Boreline can be transported with the help of helicopters given the low weight and thereby save cost too.

  • Installation & retrieval

Borelines can be installed with the help of just two people; you do not need a labor force to install a bore machine into the ground. Also in the event of a need to retrieve the Boreline, the same rule applies.

  • Corrosion resistance

Steel and fiberglass just do not seem to be the best option when time is involved. These pipes tend to corrode or galvanize because of their chemical properties whereas both Boreline and PVC pipes are good for corrosion resistance in the long term.

  • One Stretch length

Steel and fiberglass cannot provide you with any running length as required depending on how deep is the source. Boreline is a great option for a single running length pipe. PVC is a strong contender too.

Apart from this, it is also to be noted that there are no side-effects or any kind of contamination.


What are the Features of Wellmaster Hoses?

Wellmaster has earned a name for itself in being the first bore drop hose. Being in the industry for more than two decades, this brand has constantly upgraded its quality and reached a superior level. Wellmaster hoses are of great value and multiple benefits. The uniqueness of this product lies in its single piece construction “through-the-weave”. These hoses are the synthetic yarns of very high modulus which provide ample strength so that the riser could be used as much as in 400 meters depths. In certain cases, this would not even need more support system.

Wellmaster hoses

Longevity, durability and class – the other name for Wellmaster Hoses:

These have a long life prospect. Hence, by using these hoses, you can have financial bonuses for many years in one go. The maintenance cost is also very low. Since they require very little power cable slack, you will have less electricity bills. With these hoses, you can expect to have great accuracy in pump setting. Any particular damage can be avoided with these hoses settings.

Installation is easy and hydraulic performance gives greater benefits:

When it comes to the installation, Wellmaster hoses offer simple installation and simpler retrieval. The long and continuous lengths are far lighter than the rigid pipes. In fact, these are as much as 75% lighter! Absence of sectional joints enables faster retrieval. If you are concerned about managing the accessories, then with these hoses the accessories like the level probes are easily manageable. You can expect superior hydraulic performance from Wellmaster hoses. Wellmaster hoses have bigger swell characteristics; this again means that flow would be greater and there will be less friction. The pumping cost is also considerably low with these hoses.

Technical Complexity and Operational Cost is less:


Another interesting benefit that you can have from Wellmaster hoses is that very little water hammer is required on pump shutdown. The tights bores would provide greater flow and facilitate the entire process.

The set-up cost of Wellmaster hoses is quite low. Being lightweight and compact, these hoses do not cost any significant amount in terms of storage and transportation. Even when it comes to its installation, low manpower levels are required so as to reduce the overall set-up cost. The operational cost is also very low because of superior hydraulic performance. Efficient pumping results in low friction and as such operational cost also remains reduced.

  1. Wellmaster hoses are durable, sturdy and tough. These can resist corrosion, microbiological interference and scaling as well. Since high quality of hydraulic performance is maintained, it results in energy saving over its lifetime operation.
  2. The performance of these hoses is great and the hose can also swell up to as much as 15% over the diameter that is unchanged under the conditions of its operation and ensures higher flow rates as compared to other pipes that are rigid. Due to the exceptional flexibility, these hoses can do away with noise; surges are dampened and damages caused due to vibration are also minimized considerably.


Apart from knowing the advantages that Wellmaster hoses offer, some of the typical applications are also required to be known for reference. These include the following:

  1. In desalination plants, water supply wells
  2. In preventing saline intrusion
  3. Stabilizing groundwater in building sites
  4. Scavenger pumping requirements
  5. Reduction groundwater pressure in tunneling
  6. Mineral and portable groundwater extraction
  7. Offshore pumping of fire protection
  8. Offshore rigs, drains and caisson duty

When it comes to groundwater extraction and operations related to well monitoring, nothing can be paralleled to Wellmaster hoses!