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Renovate your Home with the New Designs and Styles of Cantilever Stairs

When a home is designed the owner of the building wants to do something extraordinary in the home to make it look different from rest of the neighbourhood. In this sequence the one thing that can be given a twist in the form and design is the staircase.

Cantilevered Stairs

Cantilevered Stairs

  • One must understand that a staircase can make or break the look of the house and therefore it must be designed with a lot of consideration.
  • If you are planning on getting a staircase changed in your house or you are getting a staircase for a house which is being constructed, then you must give a consideration to the newest designs in the market. One of the designs that go very well with almost all the houses and their interior decoration is that of a cantilevered stair.
  • This design of the staircase stands out amongst all the designs of the staircase and gives that oomph to your home. The cantilever staircase gives the feel of the floating staircase that is free in the air and is weight less.
  • If you really want the people to appreciate your home and its design as well as your choice you must go in for this kind of staircase. The wow- factor that is associated with the cantilever stair is the main factor that forces the people to choose it over the other designs.

Give a minimalistic look to your office with superior quality cantilever stairs:

People who like to have the minimalist look in their homes must go in for this kind of stair case.

The variety is immense if you go searching for these staircases. Along with variety in designs you will also get variety in material and this adds to the grace of the staircase because then it can be chosen depending on the decor of your home.

Cantilevered Stairs

Cantilevered Stairs

Why cantilever stairs are called floating stairs?

Many people would believe that these stair cases are floating in the air but they are not. The secret lies in their actual name and that is cantilevered stair. Cantilever means that the stairs are attached to the support only on one end. The other end of the tread remains free in the air. There is also a supporting structure in these stair cases but that is hidden inside the wall. This creates the illusion of the stairs being suspended in the air or free floating.

They provide the best support to the case and they compliment the look of your home:

The support of the treads in cantilevered stair comes in various varieties such as

  • A string that is fixed to the wall
  • A string that is fixed inside the wall
  • A metal frame
  • Pockets in the wall

The most reliable and the most common method used to fix the cantilevered stair is by making pockets in the solid wall. This method is opted the most because the owners of the house also want the stairs to be strong enough to take the load of almost anything including running of the children as well as shifting of loads up and down when the house is being occupied by the inmates.



These stairs are made up of many different materials such as:

  • Stone
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Concrete

The material can be chosen depending on the decor of your house as well as the cost involved in buying the material. Obviously it is cheaper to use wood as the stair case material rather than glass. But the wood and concrete is going to be heavier and would need more support than glass or metal.

Give your home look Classy and Stunning with Cantilevered Stair


Cantilevered Stairs

Cantilevered stair gives a classy and stunning look. These types of stairs are a feat and art of engineering. The beauty of this design is that the weight of the treads is supported just by one wall. The design of the cantilevered stair is not complicated but it something the needs to be done by a specialist. Normally the staircase is the most overlooked areas of a home and this is not right. Staircases are important for the convenience and looks of the home because staircase is the first thing that catches the eye of the people when they walk through the front door.  The visual impact of the staircase reproduces the beauty of the entire property. The staircases are something that makes a statement of a property and there are many types of staircases like spiral to spindles and with different materials like glass to granite. As a home owner you need to understand the possibilities of different staircases.

Fact about Cantilevered Stair

Cantilevered Stair

Cantilever stair designs are designed in such a way that it is only anchored in the end. The beams carry the load of the support when forced by a moment and shear stress. The cantilevers can be constructed with trusses and slabs as well. It allows the overhanging structures without the external bracing. The stone stair cases in Cantilever designs are there in existence from more than 350 years and before that it was only used in the grad designs. The cantilever stairs are stable and it gets the stability by the nose of each tread resting on the tread under it. It does tip back because of the torsion control from the embedment.  There are certain specifications which have to be followed when designing a cantilevered staircase. Experts say that there should be a maximum gap of 125mm between treads and usual flight of 190mm. The prescribed thickness of the treads is 65mm and the structural frame core should be of 400mm steel.

When going for install a cantilever stair, heavy structured wall has to be there at the time of construction and enough space in the plaster line. Tread supports are welded to the steel frame and these are fixed to the wall.

Remember this points

  • The main structure should be strong enough to take the load of the cantilever stair because the complete weight is going to be on the wall.
  • You have to plan it in advance before the wall is constructed and proper consultation has to be done with the engineer.
  • It is always better to approach a reputed staircase provider who has a proven track record of working with the cantilevered stairs.

Cantilevered stairOne cannot take risk and cannot construct without proper consultation. The planning has to be done in the designing phase itself in order to make use of strong and sturdy staircase. This is very important because a standard wall framing is not strong enough to handle the cantilevered stairs.

Follow the Proper Method

If the proper method is followed then cantilevered stairs would look striking, reasonable and protected. It depends a lot on your architect or designer and the staircase builder as it is their job to use the right style to provide you clean lines of flight.  In olden times people used to go in for the complete wooden cantilevered stairs but now it is much expensive because of the cost of hardwood. This is the main reason why designers have started to use steel in order to hide the structural designs and by covering the steel by topping with recycled wood. Engineers have started using steel flanges and plates with stiffeners and with single railing with tempered glass which has become popular because of the design and durability.

If the correct method is followed then cantilevered stairs would look striking, reasonable and protected. If you follow above mentioned method then you will surely get your home look classy and stunning.