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Some Important Ideas for Utilizing Carpet Overlocking

When you build your house, you make sure everything is nice and beautiful. Carpets are one important part of your house. Many people who don’t go for wood floorings prefer carpets. Even when you go for renovations, changing the carpets can change the entire look of the house. Carpet comes in the standard size of 3m to 4m wide and 20m to 30 m long. To lay the carpets in the house you may require a lot of off cuts or none at all. But usually to fit the carpet in the rooms, cuts are needed. Overlocking is a way to give the carpets nice finished look and also stop the fraying at the sides of it.

  • Overlocking is a kind of stitch that is done to the sides of one or two cloths for hemming or seaming. Overlocking is done using sewing machines that usually run at a very high speed.
  • Carpet overlocking is done using a special sewing machine which is called the Carpet Overlocker. The borders of the yarn of the carpets of approximately 15mm width are overlocked to provide nice finish to the carpet and stop fraying.


How Overlocking can help? 

  • For off-cut

Off cuts are used mainly on areas which are visited often by people. Hallways, doorways, living rooms have the highest traffic in the house and using off cuts helps in increasing the life of their newly laid carpet or wooden floors. The off cuts are overlocked to protect wood floorings or tiles and also add warmth to the place.

  • To make Hallway Runners

Hallway runners are now-a-days used on wood or titled floors for giving warmth and also to decorate the room. They also protect the expensive floors. The hallway runners reduce the echoing of the sounds, keep the walking area warm and give comfort while standing in the kitchen for hours. These runners are overlocked to give it a nice finish.

  • To turn carpet remnants to mats

There are many people who seek for matching existing carpet or want to turn the carpet remnant into mats. This can be done by performing a full overlocking and carpet edging that will help turn left carpet pieces into mats. This is a quick process and the end result is always great.

How should the corners of the Mats or Runners be finished off?

There are generally two ways in which the corners of mats or runners are finished off. They are:

  • Rounded corners

The most commonly used corners for carpets which are overlocked are rounded corners. This is the most recommended process as it prevents the ends getting curled up or dog earing.  This stitch is strong and continuous and gives a neat finish as compared to the other stitches.

  • Square corners

The standard method used in runners is the square corners. The patterns present on the hallway runners are usually are present at the edges which can get cut with rounded corners. The overlocking is done adjoining to the original stitch in such kind of corners. Hence if the edging color of the carpets does not match, it won’t be easily noticeable to naked eyes.

What Overlocking color to use?

For overlocking any color of the yarn which is close to the color of the carpet, mat or runner can be used. But according to the general rule followed by all rug makers, the color of the yarn used for overlocking is slightly darker shade. Sometimes contrasting color or bright colors are used for overlocking purpose. It is entirely the choice of the individual for the color of overlocking.

Once you know the fine technique of carpet overlocking, you can save on the cost and the material. You can either do the overlocking by yourself, or else, you can hire experts for the same. And also you can click here for getting more information about carpet overlocking.