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Cocktail Catering Menu Ideas and Tips to Choose the Best Cocktail Catering Company

Preparing a cocktail catering menu can be a daunting task. Cocktails have become an integral part of events, from sparkling drinks to lip-smacking appetizers, cocktail catering menu, if chosen aptly, can leave you drooling over it. But, the trick to make your party and menu a hit lies in the fact that you make use of the best services in town. With a little bit of knowledge and research, you would be able to finalize a great menu. Here we bring to your specific cocktail menu ideas which will match your budget and desire.

Cocktail Catering Menu

Cocktail Catering Menu

Things to remember 

While you are working on creating cocktail catering menu, it becomes imperative that you must keep certain things in consideration.  There are certain aspects which are unavoidable when it comes to deciding the menu for the cocktail party. Remember the following:

  • Drinks
  • Appetizer
  • Professional bartenders

With the right blend of all these three aspects, you will be able to create a great cocktail menu. However, if you are not willing to do everything yourself, you can seek the help of professionals who deal with cocktail catering services. These are the catering companies which work in the area of cocktail catering. They have catered to variegated segments and niches and thus help render great help in organizing cocktail parties.

What to look for in an ideal cocktail catering menu? 

If you are thinking about hiring a cocktail catering company, then there are certain aspects that you must not ignore. These include the following:

Cocktail Catering Service

Cocktail Catering Service

  1. Cocktail catering menu- A delectable menu is the life of any cocktail party. Make sure you check with the catering service provider about the menu. What all is included in the package. Usually, these companies have the option of cold and hot servings, which includes various dishes. These dishes must match the palate of your guests. At the same time, you must know if the company offers some exclusive dishes. It is imperative to choose a company which has vividity in their dishes. Serving mundane dishes will make you a part of the crowd, if you are willing to throw an exclusive party, then the menu must complement the same.
  1. Drinks- Another key aspect while shortlisting cocktail menu is to take into account the different drinks they are offering. Remember, the pricing of the menu will change as per the choice of your drink, so ask your caterer to show you the drink menu.
  1. Making arrangements- You would not want to end up wasting your time in doing the decorations and running errands at the last moment. Having a professional caterer by your side reduces a lot of your burden. Having said that, don’t miss to check their previous work and portfolio before you hire them. Whether it is an office party or any grand event, the best catering company will arrange the bar in a way that it will make your party a spectacular event.
  1. Check their staff– Any party’s success is decided by the fact that how good of a host you are. Having a well-groomed catering staff is a must have. While shortlisting your cocktail catering company, ask them about the grooming of their staff, their experience, cordial behavior. All these factors will help you decide whether the company is worthy of your time and money.


Cocktail catering menu is not just about having some of the most sumptuous dishes and drinks; rather, it is about the right presentation. With a professional company, you can be assured that you have the best party in town.