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What are the Top Reasons to Use Wooden Box Crates for Packaging?

Proper packaging is essential when you have to pack your products safely across large distances. The market abounds in various types of packaging solutions, each of which comes with its own pros and cons. The choice of a packaging material is determined by the kind of item that you wish to package and transport.  Now you can use some wooden box crates for your packaging industry and you can save your damage cost by protecting your goods with these wooden crates. Apart from that, these wooden boxes can also save your goods from dust, moisture, and heat. Even you can customize these boxes according to your needs.

Reasons for using wooden box crates:

Wooden Box Crates

Wooden Box Crates

# Can bear a lot of stress

Unlike cardboard boxes, these types of crates have more strength. While packaging, storing or transportation, items are usually subjected to a lot of mechanical stress. When it comes to transporting goods over a long distance, wooden packing crates are a better choice. These are stronger and more durable than cardboard boxes, moving blankets, bubble wrap and other packing materials that are used for the shipment of household items. These boxes can bear heavy loads and they can easily protect your valuable goods from any kind of damages.

# Ideal for packing heavy goods

These types of crates are more appropriate for packing heavy goods, as the weight distribution is more uniform and these have higher strength than cardboard. There are no risks of losing shape or sustaining damages when materials over a specific weight limit are packed into wooden box crates. These are very strong in form, and you can use them to pack and ship heavy as well as delicate goods. You can also use these for international shipments because most of the states accept these wooden boxes for their international shipments and you must obey their custom rules and regulations carefully.

# Can bear plenty of wear and tear

Despite rough usage, these crates do not suffer any type of damage. Many manufacturers construct wooden boxes of high-quality wood material, which are designed to sustain all types of biological, chemical and mechanical stresses at the time of storage and transportation. These wooden crates can be recycled and people can also reuse them in various forms. After a certain time, you need to dispose of them and you can also use them to design your garden and home.

# Capable of being stacked

Wooden Box Crates

Wooden Box Crates

You can stack this type of crate in varied layers, and on top of another, without any risks of breakage. Bulk transportation demands the optimal use of space available within cars, trucks and other vehicles. Boxes of standard materials such as cardboard can lose shape due to mechanical pressure, and the contents inside can suffer damages as a result. Precious and fragile items like electronic or glass items can break. But if you use the wooden box crates for your shipment then you can reduce this damage cost and these crates can easily bear heavy loads.

# Comparatively higher moisture resistance

When compared to boxes of other materials, wooden box crates are more moisture resistant. Thus, they happen to be a better option to package items that are non-durable in form. Even if exposed to moisture or water during storage or shipment, these crates do not get damaged easily.

It is possible to customize these crates and have these come with a wide range of features like casters, hinges, and locks, which can increase the safety and practicality of these boxes and make them more appropriate for shipping more precious items. Those that are constructed with wood taken from sustainable forests are regarded as eco-friendly in form, as these manage to reduce carbon footprint.