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What is Denture Repair and How Is It Done?

Dentures are natural teeth replacements that can be removed. These look just like normal teeth, with the difference being the fact that these are not of your own. However, no one can tell the difference from a distance. You can smile before others as if you have full teeth set, and can also eat and speak with absolute comfort and ease.

There are times when dentures can unexpectedly snap out of place. In such cases, you have to immediately opt for repairing dentures. This situation should be avoided and you must visit your dentist ASAP to prevent further damage. Know what denture repair actually is, and how it needs to be carried out.

What is Dentures Repair?

Denture repair actually involves fixing a part of the whole denture or just its framework. You can find various kinds of repairs being done to dentures. Tooth repair happens to be the commonest and most popular type of repair that is done. Essentially, it is done when just one tooth is entirely replaced or is fixed. Many teeth might have to be fixed in many cases.

Denture Repair

Denture Repair

Types of Repair

Dentures might be in need of repair when it is found that there is some acute damage. Repairs might even be done in case some small adjustments are needed. Here are 3 varied forms of denture repair that can be found today.

  • Relining – It is a form of denture repair which is needed when the dentures of a user start changing over a period, as can be expected. Over a period, the soft tissues and gums located in the mouth begin to change as your age increases. Once the fit of the dentures starts getting affected by all these changes, it is time to get the dentures relined professionally.
  • Rebasing – This is one more form of denture repair. The whole base of the dentures is replaced in such kind of repair, with the aim of the same being that the dentures can be made stable in form. Frequently, there is a need for this kind of repair when the dentures get cracked. Often when these are dropped accidentally, or start reaching the end of the lifespan.
  • Adjustments – In many cases, a pair of dentures might be in need of repair, and can be adjusted by a dentist to make these fit well again. The wearer can feel comfortable again after putting these on again and there will be no risks of the dentures slipping out of place from the mouth. Most of the adjustments that are made during such kind of denture repair happen to be minor inform, and help make the dentures properly function once more.

When to Go For Repairing of Dentures?

You will need denture repair services to get the damaged tooth fixed. Such kind of assistance will also be needed if yours slip out every now and then, leading to embarrassment. Although you might feel that it is okay and inexpensive to get your dentures fixed all on your own, you need to know that trying out a DIY repair can worsen the issue. Naturally, it is important that you opt for denture repair from only a proper dental clinic or store.

A qualified dental professional can fix your dentures in an absolutely professional way, and you can soon begin to enjoy wearing and using your dentures again. You will have to trust your dentist to perform the best treatment for you. Book an appointment prior to the visit. Check for the days your dentist is available in that clinic. Make sure the chamber is nearby because you would not want to travel a long way with pain in your tooth.