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Guidelines for Hiring an Experienced Electrician

electrician is responsible to get the electricity from the source to various electrical points within a building or a locality. Playing with electricity is dangerous. A small mistake can result in electrocution or even death. A person working as an electrician or aiming to become one is well aware of the dangers of working with electricity. They must establish good knowledge of the working of electricity. A good working knowledge is the only way they can keep themselves and the public safe. A good working knowledge is important to understand electrical blueprints and electrical codes.



Can there be a life today without an electrician?

Without electricians, we won’t have lights, telephones, televisions, computers, or fans. We are dependent on electricity in our lives and so we are dependent on the expertise of electricians in order to keep our lives lit. Electricians work on the inside or the outside. On the outside they are responsible for our streetlights and powering our homes. On the inside they are responsible for providing us with the electricity to work our appliances. They are many specializations for the role of an electrician. They can be broadly classified into two:

  1. Inside Wiremen
    • They focus on wiring the buildings. This could be a new building or a building on renovation. They primarily work indoors and they work on blueprints, install new electrical systems and troubleshoot any issues.
    • Inside wiremen further specialize in residential, industrial, and commercial work.
  2. Outside Wiremen
    • They focus on working with telephone or power poles.
    • Outside wiremen are expected to have good physical strength, as sometimes in the absence of a lift bucket, they might need to climb up these telephone or power poles.
    • They will also need to work through bad weather, when working with power outages in homes.
    • Outdoor wiremen are also responsible for the function and maintenance of traffic lights and transformers.

There are various sub divisions to this as well. For example,

  • Service Electricians work on troubleshooting wiring problems and repair.
  • Construction Electricians work on relaying wiring for new buildings. They read blueprints, however they do not work on any type of maintenance projects.
Electrical Contractor

Electrical Contractor

Here are some duties an electrical handyman would do:

  • Light up a rock show – Responsible for the electrical wiring and lights in a concert.
  • Light up a stadium at night – Responsible for lighting up stadiums so that we can watch our favourite games after sunset.
  • Maintenance of an old home – After a period of time, we must upgrade the electrical wiring in our home to mitigate electrical failure that can result in fires. An electrician is responsible for upgrading the electrical wiring in an old house.
  • Maintenance of swimming pool – Check if the electrical wiring of swimming pool environment is properly earthed.

In the modern world, there is no civilization without the electrical industry. We won’t have cinemas, discotheques, light shows, refrigeration, air conditioning, Internet or computers. Electricians are also responsible in fixing electrical appliances.

Did you know that electricians around the world are going green?

We all know how we consume energy now will not be feasible on the long run. As homes and businesses are adapting more green technologies, electricians are turning green too. Since solar energy is gaining popularity, many appliances including car batteries can be charged using solar power. Water heaters use the energy from solar panels to heat water. From the use of LED lights to electrical cars, electricians are adapting to a greener world.

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