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Advantages Of Evaporative Cooling System

Whenever a sunny, warm day comes to mind, you see yourself drenched in sweat.  after that, when you come home, you get absolutely energized because of your cooling system. There are many cooling systems in the market, but evaporative cooling systems are the most efficient of all.

The process of liquid water evaporating from a surface and lowering its temperature is known as evaporative cooling.

Process Of Cooling Using Evaporation:

Having the knowledge of heat and evaporation systems is necessary to understand evaporative cooling. Latent heat is the term used to describe the heat stored in the water. Water cools things down by absorbing heat from nearby surfaces. 

This happens when the temperature rises enough to cause water to evaporate. And because of the temperature, the gas releases and removes the additional heat. There is a decrease in heat transfer and thus a reduction in surface temperature this is how the evaporative cooling functions.

evaporative cooling
evaporative cooling

Evaporative Cooler Benefits:

Due to decreased energy usage, an evaporative cooler is more cost-effective than an air conditioning unit.

1. cost-effective: An evaporative system is really a cost-effective option. Due to the structural simplicity, the cost reduces highly than other cooling systems. You can cut down the budget both in the initial cost and the servicing. An evaporative cooler unit costs roughly 50% less than a standard window-type air conditioner and 70% to 90% less than an inverter-type air conditioner. In addition, evaporative coolers use 50-90% less electricity than air conditioners to keep you cool.

2. Easy to install: Compared to air conditioners, evaporative coolers, and swamp coolers are far easier to install. And as the installation is simple, you do not have to pay much for that as well. the hassle-free installation is all you need while you are in a hurry.

3. Easy to maintain: The evaporative cooling systems are really easy to maintain. Every six months, try to clean the screen, filters, and water reservoirs. Also, take care of the fan motor and the water pump. If we take regular care to keep the water clean, your evaporative cooling will go a long way. Remember, the more it is used, the more water has been passed through the pads. It means the pad has become dirtier in less time. So, your job is to clean it and change the water frequently. Dirt is not something that sits with evaporative cooling.

You can either do it yourself or take expert help as well. but keeping regular maintenance would definitely keep your cooling system in the best way.

4. Consumes less electricity: In addition to the above advantages, static electricity problems are reduced, and comfort is improved. Additionally, there are some health advantages. Respiratory distress can be brought on by dry weather because it dries up the nasal and throat mucosa. 

Aside from damaging wooden furniture and shrinking paper-based products, low humidity is also a concern.

5. Provides fresh air: The outside air is already very polluted. You need to have the air quality top-notch when at the home. Your evaporative cooling system very efficiently does that for you. It keeps the indoor air clean which lets you and your loved one breathe the best air. In fact, having it home will also help breathe deep while sleeping. Therefore, your health automatically improves. You will have air to breathe which is germ, pollen, bacteria, or fungi-free.


Here are all the advantages of using the evaporative cooling system. It has tons of advantages which will let you have it in a hassle-free manner. In fact, the repair and maintenance processes are also very time-efficient.

Features to Be Considered While Opting for Evaporative Cooling

The technology of evaporative cooling has been used widely to regulate the room temperature. It has the capability to make your place cool and cozy by following a natural process. With the passage of time, the design has changed a lot to incorporate many new features for improved performance. Hence, if you are planning to buy such cooling system, you must get familiar with its different features and functions. This is the best way you can get effective results.

Popular types of evaporative cooling unit

A residential swamp cooler or an evaporative cooler can be found in various types. You have to decide first which type you desire at your living place. The most common ones are:-

  1. Portable evaporative cooler: As the term, itself describes portable, cooling solution, which provides, better mobility in your area. It is convenient to move it from one place to another.
  2. Window mounted evaporative cooler: It has the capability to cool down the temperature of a space from small to large. Its energy efficiency nature makes it a good alternative to window air conditioners.

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative Cooling

Important things to consider for evaporative coolers

There are many advantages of having an evaporative cooling installed in your residential or commercial premises. This type of coolers is commonly known as swamp coolers because of their method of cooling. They are relatively cheaper in price, simple in design, and extremely friendly to the environment. They are an ideal choice for cooling an internal environment in short span.

Prior to buying and deciding suitable cooling device, you must consider the features of an evaporative cooling system discussed below:-

  • Effectiveness in local climate: Sometimes, the hot and dry air becomes unbearable particularly during the hottest time of the year. In such a miserable state of daytime, it is most efficient. Such cooling system is considered as the most effective method of cooling an area with relatively less humidity.
  • Ventilation while cooling: Earlier, people had to spend separately on ventilation and cooling. Now your building can be ventilated effortlessly during cooling. It can be used when doors and windows are kept open, unlike standard air conditioning systems. You do not need an enclosed space for proper and efficient cooling effects. Thus, you can enjoy fresher and cool air, simultaneously. 
  • Lower cooling cost: Since evaporative cooler is manufactured with simple design; you can find the cost of cooling less as compared to the other available cooling options in today’s scenario. Apart from its quicker installation and easier maintenance, it is bought extensively due to its limited power consumption. However, it is wise to estimate the amount of water needed to operate the cooling system. 
  • Health benefits: Many users may think that the added humidity generated from an evaporative system can create major health issues. Nevertheless, here the case is opposite. With the evaporative cooling method, the added humidity can rear many benefits to you and your dear ones. It will inevitably increase your comfort by alleviating the resistance to the risk of asthma and allergies or preventing dry skin or eyes.  
  • Positive impact on the environment: Using an evaporative cooler is valuable for the environment. This is because it only requires water to function smoothly to maintain a cool and comfortable interior. It does not use refrigerants like CFCs or ammonia that result in toxicity or ozone depletion.

Hence, if you are too bothered with your high-power consumption and bills, you can switch to an efficient evaporative cooling system, as it supports lesser energy expenditure. This does not cot much on your pocket as well reduces electricity bill.


Tips on Selecting and Installing Evaporative Cooling for Home or Office

When it comes to choosing evaporative cooling systems there’re two choices that people opt for, air conditioners or evaporative coolers. In fact, some people opt for evaporative coolers above air conditioners for the fact that they work better under certain circumstances. It meets all the needs of air conditioning at a far less price than air conditioners. Modern evaporative coolers cost less comparatively; they are energy efficient and are very effective when it comes to cooling.

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative Cooling

How does it work?

The humid and dry climate is where these evaporative coolers work best. Once a highly efficient evaporative cooling unit is connected to the ductwork of home or office, the unit pulls in hot air from outside. This hot air is then passed through water-saturated pads, which cools down the hot air using water evaporation process and then it is distributed through the ductwork. The cool air is then released into the room pushing the hot air out of the room through open windows and doors, keeping the room cool. While normal air conditioners re-circulate the same air, evaporative coolers help to provide fresh air at home constantly while operating.

Benefits of choosing Evaporative Cooling systems

  • It uses the fresh outdoor air and the filtering process takes care of the dust pollution
  • It helps eliminate the smoke and odor emitted while cooking
  • It can be installed on the ground, in the attic or even mounted on the wall making it user-friendly and flexible.
  • Cooling system of evaporative coolers does not harm the ozone layer while functioning
  • The evaporative cooling system offers low-cost installation and saves up to 75% more energy than your regular air conditioner.
  • Makes less noise while functioning.

Installation and selection

The cubic feet per minute air it filters in the house, measure the ratings of the evaporative coolers. Models may range from 3000 to 25000 CFM and the capacity can be verified with the help of the manufacturers based on the climate and requirements of the client. The coolers can either down flow evaporative coolers or portable horizontal cooler unit based on the requirements of the individual. Small portable evaporative coolers on wheels are also available these days but they generally provide the slight cooling effect.

Following are some tips on selecting the correct evaporative cooler to install in home or office:

  • Not every room in your home or office requires the same kind of evaporative cooling. Hence choose your air conditioner based on the cooling requirement, keeping the area of installation in mind.
  • There are two major types of coolers such as centralized coolers and ducted coolers. The ducted coolers are best suited for larger homes and office spaces, which call for cooling multiple bigger rooms and halls. Whereas if you require cooling smaller spaces, you can use the ductless central coolers.
  • Evaporative coolers come in portable small sizes as well. Choose this type of cooler if you want a hassle free uncomplicated installation as these can be placed easily at any desired place in a room. But these can cool small rooms only as portability reduces cooling capacity. These are best for moderate climates and not at all suitable for harsh summers.
  • Horizontal evaporative cooling systems are better choices compared to down flow coolers as they do not leak easily. These coolers can be easily mounted on floors and hence are easier to use and install.

With these sensible tips, you can enjoy the many benefits of evaporative cooling and ensure that you can maximize cooling benefits for your home or office.

Easy Installation Tips For Evaporative Cooler

You must have heard about “evaporative cooling”. Evaporative cooling is actually a very simple, cost effective and natural way to cool your home. The use of latest technology has eventually helped us to create an intelligent and user and environment friendly cooling systems which ultimately minimizes the electricity cost also. Basically these coolers work on the phenomena in which fan inside the cooling unit pulls the air from outside. The water is stored in a pan at the bottom of the cooler and each side is fixed with pads of water absorbing material. A pump lifts the water to the top of each side thus cooling the house effectively. The performance of these coolers is best when the level of outside humidity is low.

Evaporative Cooling Installation

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How to Install Evaporative cooler?

There are basically two ways to install evaporative coolers:

  • First is to install the cooler in the centralized location.
  • Second is to connect the cooler to the ducts distributing air to different rooms.

The former installation works best in case of small houses and the later one is best for a big house with many rooms.

Instruction steps:

  • Support assembly Installation: This is the first and the basic step while installing your cooling system. Usually the manufacturer gives support assembly along with the evaporative cooler. Fix the support assembly at the appropriate place. Project the window towards outside in order to get the unit properly placed.
  • Positioning of cooler on Assembly: After the installation of support assembly, next step is to set the cooler. Rest the cooler on the support assembly supporting the unit to the maximum extent. Make sure to attach the brackets and wall hangers to the unit.
  • Run the water line: Now is the time to connect the water line to the cooler. Also ensure that the cut off valve is installed between the cooler and the water. Cut off valve is vital as it helps in draining the water out of the unit thus saving the whole system from getting damaged.
  • Air Vent Installation: Next step is to attach the air vent cover that comes with the kit. It brings the cool air into your home thus making your home cool and comfortable.

More Tips to keep in mind:

  • Use Low voltage thermostats instead of high voltage thermostats because high voltage thermostats allow large temperature swings which is not good for the cooler.
  • Check the float valve setting after one pump cycle.
  • Rooftop installations should have water cut off facility in order to avoid leakage and wastage of water.
  • To maintain personal safety, electrical disconnect should be available near the cooler. This becomes all the more important in case of roof top installations. These days cooler units come with an in-built electrical disconnect.
  • Don’t forget to use a barometric damper at the fan discharge of the evaporative cooler. These dampers make it much easier to switch between heating/air condition and evaporative cooling.
  • Minimum 3 ft. of area on the sides of the cooler should be kept clear for easy maintenance. It helps in repairing electrical parts in a hassle free manner.
  • Make sure that the cooler inlet is 10 ft away from gas flues, kitchen, kid’s room and bathroom.
  • If you have both the evaporative cooler and the central air unit, then never operate them at the same time. In that case, neither will work properly. In fact, they will work against each other. It is of no use to keep two systems in the house but neither works efficiently. Systems producing loud noise, water leakage without cooling your home are not actually energy efficient. They just add on to your electricity bill.

Awesome! Your new evaporative air cooler is finally installed. Just make sure that there are no leaks around the cooler and the window.

If you wish to get a helpful information regarding installation tips for evaporative cooler. Please visit here and get more helpful information.