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How Double Sided Fireplace can give New Look to Your House

A fireplace structure is made of brick, metal, and stone that is specially designed to contain the fire. Fireplaces are used for a relaxed ambiance that is created by heat especially in cold weather and this function fulfills heating the room. The fireplace has been in use since ages, as they were used for heating to dwell, heating water for laundry, cooking, and other domestic use. A fire is usually contained in a container like a firebox, chimney or other flue that allows exhausts to escape. Fireplaces usually have a foundation that can be a firebox, chimney crane etc. These fireplaces are the ideal ones to be kept in those living rooms and dining rooms where you have proper partitions and these fireplaces can enhance the entire look of your interior.

Double Sided Fireplace

Double Sided Fireplace

Double sided fireplace provides the advantage of being utilized by two rooms as the fireplace is partitioned and provides the luxury of heating up in two rooms.

Let us look into various double sided fireplaces ideas to get you ideas for renovations and styling:-

  • Simple– This simple styling that sets an example for modern as well as traditional outlook. The simple double sided fireplace can be fitted nicely into a large living room that can be split in half. One end becomes a formal sitting area while the other, a cozy area for the family to relax.
  • Traditional– To present your living room in a more traditional way, you can incorporate double sided mantel fireplace into a family home. There are different traditional patterns and styles that you can incorporate as part of your home decoration purpose.
  • Glass– To give a contemporary touch to your double sided fireplace, you can create its surrounding area with mostly glass. It will give an artistic touch and can have the capability to blend into various home themes.
  • Contemporary– A contemporary set- up that is in vogue designed exclusively to match up with the contemporary designs mostly separates dining room and living room area with ease, and adds delight by making the scene interesting yet stylish.
  • Function– Double sided fireplace can be a centerpiece to a modern bedroom making it convenient for both the bedroom as well as a bathroom to enjoy its hearth.
Double Sided Fireplace

Double Sided Fireplace

With the double sided fireplace, you can have multiple conveniences to keep your rooms warm:

Double sided fireplace installed will bring you best of many worlds: Provides you with the convenience of excellent heating in two rooms, and this can fit beautifully into your home with style and décor. And nowadays it is not something surprising to see dual side fireplaces becoming a common scene on most households, as these are easy to buy and maintain round the year.

  • On the contrary these good looking fireplaces are both good looking as well as economical; however, the venting concerns countered are same as with any kind of heating appliance. Gas models are easier to vent as compared to those that burn wood.
  • Wood burning fireplace requires a standard chimney to be built above the installation site. However, you need a professional double sided fireplace installer to get the best customized designs as per the aesthetics of your room, and also according to the budget plan that you have.
Double Sided Fireplace

Double Sided Fireplace

Gas double sided fireplace have the privilege of being placed in a variety of areas within the home. And these units are available in both vented and non-vented styles. In the contemporary scenario gas and double- sided fireplace are not only efficient but also they are the beautiful unit to be looked at and are available in many latest designs that can please you and make your surroundings much pleasant.


Features and Advantages of an Outdoor Wood Fireplace

There are different types of fireplaces that you can use in the indoors, and also some for the outdoors. Apart from the stone, the electric and the gas fireplaces, you also find the outdoor wood fireplace which can be decorated with durable fireplace inserts to keep you warm during the winter months. At the same time, this also enhances the resale value of your house to more than 35%, and creates a unique ambiance in the outdoors.

Features of an Outdoor wood fireplace:

  • Adding good fire features are the best way to decorate your outdoors, and along with a garden fountain and pergolas, you can use an outdoor wood fireplace to enhance the look of the outdoor open area.
  • Wood fireplace is a good option that is economical and well as efficient. However, it is noted that certain people are allergic to smoke that comes out of burning wood. One must decide on buying a standalone wooden fireplace keeping all these factors in mind.
  • There are many ways in which you can use the outdoor wood fireplace for your camping expeditions, and since you use this as an outdoor installation, the rate of pollution will also be less than when you install this fireplace indoors.
  • There are different designs that you get for your wood fireplaces, and you get stone wood, marble and glass wood combinations, when you choose customized designs for your outdoor wood fireplace.
Outdoor Wood Fireplace

Outdoor Wood Fireplace

They are durable and long-lasting:

The modern times wood burning stoves or fireplaces are durable and with easy operation. They last a long time to come. Some manufacturers have patented their technology which produces highly efficient, intense rolling flames. And the innovation in this industry is every evolving. There are plenty of options and design available online to buy a fireplace. Choose the right one as it’s a long term investment and you have to right about it. There are solutions that the manufacturers offer for the health concerns (the smoke may cause wheeze in some people).

Advantages of Outdoor wood fireplace:

  • Great way to entertain family and guests or to host a party.
  • They keep you warm when you want to enjoy your tea on a chill evening.
  • You can melt marshmallow, toast any snack and enjoy with loved ones.
  • Your home will be the sought out place for your friends as it gives that cool place to hangout ambience.
  • You can dry your clothes around this place if it’s not raining.

Multiple functions of outdoor wood fireplace:

Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor Fireplace

If you want to arrange your party in your garden area, then you can choose some small outdoor wood fireplace because you can carry these fireplaces to anywhere. The installation process is very easy and you can also prepare your BBQ on this fireplace. In this regards you need to consult with the designer or manufacturer of the fireplace and they can suggest you about the best one according to your perfect need. It is suggested to maintain the safety rules of the fireplace and always read the instruction or manual given by the company.

Well, you see there are many reasons why taking an outdoor fireplace is a great option. Having a wood fireplace or using fire glass to add an elegant touch to your home. There are plenty of dealers who are available to upgrade your fireplace if required. You can quickly do a research online and check the review and shortlist the one that best suits you. Check out their website or store for the most beautiful fireplace doors, log holders etc.

Advantages of Wood Fireplaces & Gas Fireplaces

Man has been using wood burning fireplaces for many centuries. The use of fire has now become an inseparable part of the human nature and the practice is just natural. There has been a debate over the fact that wood burning fireplaces are just used to add an antique look to the house than just heating. There are easier and pollution-less options for heating available these days and that too at a minimal cost. Yet people adhere to wood burning.  There are some issues that are related to the air in case of the wood burning.


A person who loves environment and wants the planet earth to be clean and green would not profess to sing wood fire burning in order to save trees and help to reduce the air pollution.

Some detriments correlated to wood burning fireplaces are:

  • They pollute the air around and make one feel prickly.
  • They contain pollutants that are toxic in nature and these can also cause lung syndromes.
  • The ash needs to be timely cleaned.

Mostly, people prefer wood burning because it is more or less connected with the aesthetics rather than just the heating. It gives a certain aroma, which can be enjoyed. Wood burning fireplaces add to the beauty of the room and the hearth. They manifest affluence of people and are directly connected with the status of the people. They are a part of the luxury that represents magnificence and class. Many lovers of opulence owe to the use of wood burning in spite of knowing the detrimental nature of the wood burning.

For some, a natural fireplace seems to be warmer and more comfortable in spite of the fact that a gas burning fireplace gives equal amount of heat. Therefore it is a notion that the wood burning is more effective.

Nowadays, people have started replacing wood burning fireplaces with the gas burning fireplaces. They are just happy to get warmed up no matter what is the source of the fire, and this is a smart way to get warm. Another reason for giving preference to gas fireplace is that wood fire needs the manual labor of chopping the woods and maintaining the chimneys, and this is because they get black soon. There is no such problem with the gas fire.

Gas fire gives some returns as in the wood fire:


  • It is fewer classy like the wood fire.
  • It is not time consuming and is equally effective as the wood fire at the same time.
  • It is easier to have this fire in one go without waiting. Therefore, it is suitable in these times where professionals cannot afford to waste time to make the fire ready.
  • If the fans or blowers are installed in the room, they heat up the room very quickly and this will be with the help of the gar fire.

Wood fire seems to give more heat than the gas fire, but now due to the advancement in technology, there are new methods that can make one’s room equally warm as the one warmed by the wood fire.  Having a wood-burning fireplace is now becoming less fashionable as people are resorting to easier ways of getting fireplaces. These days, chimneys are made outside of a house. A person needs to take a lot of safety measures in order to have a chimney in the home. Therefore, it is preferred to have gas fire rather than the wood fire.

You can decide on the fireplaces that you want based on your requirements, budget and also the availability of the same in your area.

Above mentioned advantages help you to understand wood fireplaces & gas fireplaces. Want you know extra info about fireplaces? Then please go here.