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Factors to Consider While You Choose Fly Screens

It is better to keep your windows open during summer because you can maintain proper ventilation of your house. Fresh air and lights can flow through your rooms, and you can prevent bacterial infections. Closed areas of your rooms are the breeding ground of bacteria, and you can keep your rooms fresh by installing fly screens. The main purposes of installing fly screens are to prevent flies and insects. You can keep your family safe from insects, dust and dirt, and you can allow some fresh air and light to flow inside your rooms. 

Choose Fly Screens: 

These screens can provide a certain amount of privacy. You can see outside from these screens, but such black meshes can block the view from outside. Plus, you can install such screens on your main and back door and keep your children safe. You need to consider the following tips to choose the best one: 

Types of Fly Screens: 

You need to choose the fly screen according to your location and budget. If you live in a coastal area and having allergy to sand flies, then you need to choose the sand-fly screen for your door and windows. If you have pets in your home and want to have good visibility and ventilation, then you need to choose paw proof -fly screen. Sometimes small insects are not visible but irritate you endlessly, and you need to use certified fly screen for the same. You need to check the durability of such screens before you choose. You can choose aluminium screens for BBQ zone and install stainless steel screens on your windows. If you live in a bushfire prone area, then such stainless steel screens are a better option because they are heat and fire-resistant. You can also install one-way-vision screens on your living rooms to enhance your privacy. 

Choose the Best Frame of Fly Screens: 

There are three type of fly screen available, such as fixed, magnetic and retractable. They design the fixed screens with a fixed frame, and you can easily install such screens on your hinged and sliding doors. They are versatile, and they are available in various colours. But you cannot use such fixed frame on windows which have awnings. You need to use magnetic screens on these windows. 

If you have push-out windows, then you can install such magnetic screens inside the window. The borders of these screens are flexible, and you can lift these screens to access your windows. You can simply lift your fly screen to open or close your windows. They make magnetic screens of durable mesh and you can install such screens on your patio and pool side area. 

If you do not want to use your fly screen throughout the year, then you can choose retractable screens. You can fold such screens whenever needed. These screens are available with a remote control system and you can operate these screens from a distance. You can install these screens on your bi-fold doors, windows, sliding doors and hinged doors. 

Cost of the Fly Screens: 

If you are looking for a fly screen at cheap price, then you can choose fixed screens. Magnetic screens are expensive, and you can install such screens on your windows only if you have awnings. Retractable screens are expensive than above two options, but they are durable than fixed or magnetic screens. They make retractable screens of stainless steel and they can last longer.  


So you can search such screens online and compare their prices to choose an affordable one.


Features and Multiple Varieties of Retractable Fly Screens

The fly-screen industry manufacturers have dedicated themselves to create innovative screen and sliding stacker doors and windows with an added pillar less corners. This has given the customers a wide range of new concept of design for home and other purposes. The standard has not been compromised as far as quality is concerned with retractable screens. The screens are effective and contemporary that gives an aesthetic look and can be operated with minimum maintenance. The complete knowledge of the creation is based on custom quality that is retractable, sliding as well as automated doors and windows.

Retractable Fly Screens

How to make the doors look the most beautiful?

  • The fly screens are designed in such a way that the gentle breeze can enter the without the interruption of buzzing insects.
  • The fittings are discreet with small tracks and various sizes of cassettes as per the width of the opening.
  • The uses of the retractable fly screens will make the customer enjoy the view irrespective of bi-fold doors or single hinge doors and will open the option of respecting the outside beauty from inside the room.
  • The decision to fit a fly screen allows to either having the screen extended or retracted.
  • There is a system that is called as multi-lock system which works to stop along the opening of the door. It is very helpful in wide openings especially when the use of the opening is done quite often.
  • The chain glide option is very common and useful as it is barrier free and it is not required to drill into the floors.

The features are unique

A standard feature is that it is child-friendly and can be operated easily. All the units work with soft closing mechanism which helps the fly screen to retract when released at a reduced speed. The multi lock system that is patented and also optional enables the fly screen to stop at any point of time at the opening. The button system is really exclusive as it prevents the mesh from sagging or blowing out in wide openings. The mesh can also be prevented from blowing out by supplying tracks with stiff angled weather file. Moreover, the channels can easily be fixed, and these fly-screens compliment any kind of home décor very easily.

Multiple varieties of the retractable fly-screens: 

  • Vertical retractable Window- The customers demand this product mainly due to its utility. It helps to slit the sun rays mostly used in narrow windows and also retrieves natural light and fresh air.
  • Pleated Screen-These nets are mostly popular in working atmosphere to prevent rough weather. The screens are liked by many due to its superior performance.
  • Barrier free Horizontal screen- It can be said that this retractable screen is a perfect choice to stop the entry of insects in the room. It is extremely easy to operate as it comes loaded with spring. They are even maintained without any hassle allowing natural light and fresh air to come in.
  • Vertical screens-These fly screens not only protect against insects but also works as an optimal filter to dust particles and pollens thus being a shield to pollution.

What makes the fly screens different?

The high quality fly screens are suitable for any type of doors and are highly beneficial in eating areas where food is prepared and stored. Moreover, the children who are more prone to diseases due to insect bites such as Dengue etc. can be protected from unwanted pests and keep the home insect free all year long. Finally, when you install the retractable fly-screens, the environment also remains cool allowing breeze throughout the room and there absolutely not necessary to use sprays with strong chemicals for flies.

So now, you can search from the online stores, where you can customize and select designs according to your requirements.  If you are looking for best retractable fly screens then let’s have a look here and get more data.

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Keep your home with Quality Window Fly Screens

Flies are a perpetual problem in some parts of the world. In other places, when the weather is just pleasant enough to leave the doors and windows open, flies and bugs start buzzing around and create a nuisance. 

Window Repairs

Window Repairs

Window fly screens are designed specially to protect home owners from these insects and flies. These screens also allow us to keep the doors and windows open and bring in the natural light and fresh air.

The most commonly used screen materials today include aluminum screens and vinyl-coated fiberglass. The only difference between these two types of screens is the cost. Vinyl screens are three times less expensive as aluminum screens.

Here are a few essential facts about vinyl coated fiberglass and aluminum screens.

Fiberglass fly screens for windows:

  • This type of window screens can resist stain, rust and corrosion.
  • As compared to aluminum, fiberglass screens tear easily if stretched.
  • Fiberglass screens are versatile and can be used for windows, doors, patio rooms and pool enclosures.
  • This screen is available in many different colors such as dark grey, silver grey, aquamarine, black and white and so on.
  • Fiberglass, vinyl coated mesh has minute weave which ensures that no insects, however small, can penetrate through.
  • Due to the minute weave however, this type of screen cuts down the breeze and light transmission.
  • Solar screens made from vinyl-coated fiberglass material help save a lot on energy by blocking heat gain which in turn reduces load on the air-conditioning
  • Just like the aluminum screens, fiberglass screens come in width of up to 84 inches.

Aluminum fly screens for window:

  • This metal mesh has a rugged appearance and comes in finishes and colors such as bright aluminum, dark gray and black.
  • The readily available mesh size measures 18×16 inches.
  • Aluminum screens are available in convenient 100-foot rolls and are priced affordably.
  • These screens are sturdy and do not break easily when stretched.

Other types of screens include copper, bronze and stainless steel screens, pet-resistant screens and retractable screens.
Bronze wire screens are made of a combination of 90% copper and 10% zinc. Compared to aluminum screens, bronze window fly screens are more expensive. Brass, copper and stainless steel screens are even more expensive as they are specialty metals.

If the screen door frames are made of aluminum, it is recommended not to use brass, copper or bronze screens as the two metals will interact and eventually corrode.

Pet window and door screens:

  • Pets can be troublesome as they can shred your screens. Those who have pets can think about installing the heavy-duty, vinyl-coated polyester screens.
  • As compared to the normal screens, this specialty Phifer screen is at least seven times stronger.
  • This material will not sag while stretching making it easy to install.
  • Pet screens are nylon-reinforced and flexible.

Retractable door and window screens:

  • Especially ideal for rectangular casement windows, retractable window fly screens offer a special look and optimum functionality.
  • The system consists of a spring-loaded shade that retracts to the top.
  • When you want the screen to cover the window, all you have to do is slide it down between the mounted guides and lock it at the bottom.
  • Offered in champagne and white color, this screen is made of vinyl-coated fiberglass.
  • Retractable door screens roll back into a tubular casing at one end of the door and are held by strong magnetic catches when open.

There are many different types of window fly screens available in the market. Home owners can choose the right window fly screens based on their specific preferences and requirements. For more useful information please click here .