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Things to Consider While Choosing French Provincial Dining Table

French provincial furniture belongs to the French cultural areas of Blois and Orleans in the Loire valley. These are not part of France but very much in the areas of its cultural ambit. These centers produce some of the best design innovations that owe their origin to the luxurious trades of Paris. French provincial dining tables belong to the same era and genre of craftsmanship and style. These tables would have mostly cabriole legs and carving in the simple scalloped form. These tables come in different forms and varied finishes, the colors are made to stand out through polish or grime. There is a great deal of emphasis on the carving no matter what kind of furniture it is.

French Provincial Dining Table

French Provincial Dining Table

The Making of French Provincial Dining Table

The French provincial dining tables are hand designed and crafted by the local artisans who they bring out same uniqueness and the royalty of the by gone era. One can easily find some classic designs in French furniture. You can get a French provincial dining table with a sturdy provincial oak top or a table designed from rustic recycled timber. You can opt for painted and carved legs and the timber base or any other provincial design that you like. The designs on these tables range from simple to delicate and detailed. Every bit of design of French provincial dining table is a wooden marvel that glorifies artistic splendor. These tables range from simple designs with sturdy and straight lines to delicately carved tables, which are custom built as per the need and desire of the client. This makes them apt to adjust to the surroundings, which they are going to be spaces in. The solid wood that these tables are made from gives them a rich, superior look but at the same time makes them a bit heavy as well.

Availability of French Provincial Dining Tables

The French provincial dining tables are part of specialised furniture and are available only at select stores or dealerships. These stores usually carry limited number of designs that are ready for purchase but if needed can be custom made according to the liking of the customer. These tables are usually meant for large sized settings though smaller sizes are also available. These kind of tables are usually hand crafted by the local artisans and the number of such stores employing local artisans who are excelling in the handmade tables and designs are also available. This is why such stores are not that easy to find. The growing demand of French provincial dining tables and other provincial furniture has led to many online stores where one can easily choose from a range of existing designs or request a custom-made table or piece of furniture to be delivered right at your door step. It is no longer uncommon to get these French provincial dining tables even at auction sites. Since these are high range furniture and are quite expensive sometimes auction sites can get you a good bargain on your desired choice of French furniture.

French Provincial Dining Table

French Provincial Dining Table

Cost of French Provincial Dining Tables

The French provincial dining tables are desired for their rich look and the aesthetics that they add to their surrounding and hence they are usually on the expensive side. Most of these tables are hand crafted and manually designed which itself is a dying art that makes the pricing of these tables on the expensive side. The most simplistic designs can be close to a thousand dollars and the more delicate, luxurious and massive the table is, the more expensive will be its cost.