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Comparison Between Sliding Gates and Swing Gates

While looking for an entrance gate for your property, you may be worried and confused about the kind of gate that you should install. You want it to provide not just the best appearance, but also unmatched and security to the house and its people. Available in both manual and automation systems, you need to find the one that provides an instant and stress-free solution for security. But when it comes to choosing the right gate, you may get confused between sliding gates and swing gates. Both of them are considered to be the best options for the entrances, but to find out the one appropriate for your house, you need to look into a comparison between the two. This is what we have tried to provide you here.



Differences Between Sliding and Swing Gates

Sliding gates slide on the surface of a boundary wall, so you do not need any front space for opening or closing. So, it is the best solution for small span openings. If you are having a limited span for the pedestrians or vehicle movements, then these gates can enable you to help in proper movements without disturbing the surroundings. On the other hand, swing gates require the front space to open. So, if you have a small span, then you should look for other options, as it will not be suitable for you. These gates are easy to operate and open in one direction, either inward or outward. They are also pocket friendly, because of which they are mostly used in public places such as parks, malls, and markets where limited entry is marked.

For large panels, sliding of the gates made of heavy metals leads to high noise, which may be a disadvantage. But to increase the swiftness in the movements, track wheels are used which can last long with proper maintenance.

Other Benefits of Sliding Gates Over Swing Gates

  • Sliding gates are budget-friendly, probably due to the less time required for their installation compared to the swing gates or other traditional gates. If you want a gate through the DIY process, then you can purchase their DIY kits and easily do it to save your time and money.
  • Highly secured with satisfactory locking systems, you will not require any other devices for security, but if you are installing automated gates, then you will require some special electronic devices. If you do not want any machine device operation, then you can look for the sliding gates that can keep your entire property secured without any indulgence of CCTV or locking devices.
  • You can use a sliding gate depending on your requirement, as for commercial areas, the trackless sliding gate is used to reduce the maintenance costs. But for residential properties, track wheels are preferred to reduce hard work of the opening and closing of the gates. But swing gates cause difficulty in functioning when high wind or air circulates. This cannot be avoided in large open spaces, for which their installation in large commercial areas is often discouraged.
  • The sliding gate will provide full privacy to the area inside, as it is solid and full height, unlike swing gates. But in cases of automation, both the gates can provide such facilities. The main problem arises at the time of installation, as the costing of sliding gates installation is less as compared to automation and installing of the swing gates.
  • Above all, nowadays the constructed houses lack front spaces, and so opt for a sliding gate instead of traditional or swing gates. Owners do not have to work hard on opening and closing of the entrance gates if you place the automatic sliding gate.


So, if you are confused between sliding gates and swing gates, read the benefits mentioned above and make an informed decision that you would be proud of later.