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Three Questions to Ask Your Car Mechanic before Handing Over Your Vehicle

For most drivers, their vehicle is one of the significant investments they’ve ever made in their life. Driving enthusiasts are so particular that they don’t want to hand over their vehicle to any random driver or mechanic. Many people rely on their personal vehicle for reaching the office and going for long drives with their partner. 

Sometimes, this personal vehicle also needs professional help for repairs or yearly maintenance. Now, you cannot hand over your car to any random professional, especially your daily vehicle. It’s your responsibility that your car should go in good hands for repairs and maintenance. 

For finding the best mechanics or car repair shop, you need to do some research and ask certain questions. Hence, this guide we’ll mention the set of your questions you should to the car mechanic guy. 

#1. What Repair Options You Have? 

Almost every car issue has multiple solutions, some are easy, and some are complicated. Now, it entirely depends on the car mechanics which method they use for solving the issues. Sometimes, they might use complicated methods like changing the defective part instead of fixing it for maximizing the profits. This thing is very common when you hand over your vehicle to the authorized service centers. 

Now, here mechanics will trap you by going in-depth and explaining the technical things to you. Plus, you’re not aware of the technical knowledge, and you end up burning your pockets. Here, the thumb rule is to keep patience and request them for explaining all the possible solutions. They might try to convince you with the technical stuff, but you have to keep asking doubts. 

To avoid any confusion, you must also equip yourself with all the knowledge and information about the car repair. This will help you choose the right mechanic, and they will not be able to cheat you. 

#2. Tell Me Something About Your Certifications? 

Many car mechanics work in the shops based on their experience, but they don’t have certifications. If you are an automotive expert, considering experience and expertise over certifications is OKAY. However, you’ll come to know about experience level while talking with the car mechanic

Well, certifications are mandatory because it showcases that the mechanic follows all the guidelines set by higher authorities, and he/she is trained for dealing with the car repairs. However, certified technicians might burn your pockets, but they will keep your vehicle in the top-notch condition. 

#3. Do You Offer Warranty on Your Services? 

Now, this question shouldn’t be overlooked by any of our readers. If you are ignoring this question, your vehicle is seriously going to the junkyard. Most of us are not automotive experts, and we are also not familiar with vehicle issues. Most of the professional car mechanics would not mind guaranteeing their work. 

Furthermore, car repair services are not cost-effective, and you often hunt for best and cheap services. Now, this term ‘cheap’ in the automotive sector is the major reason why your car struggles every month. 

As mechanics are very smart, they will charge less and resolve the issues within minutes. But, there is no guarantee whether the problems will arise soon or not. Most drivers never consider this thing because everyone just takes the car and start driving. Later, within some weeks, you are again welcomed warmly in the same car repair shop. 

Hence, you need to seek car repair services that come with a warranty. Yes, because here the mechanics cannot play games and have to resolve the issues thoroughly. 

Final Thoughts 

A mechanic who is clearing your doubts and answering to the questions patiently is more interested in his work instead of making money. If you find such a person, then you can rely on him and hand over the car for repair.




How to Become a Mechanic?

If someone feels good about working on cars and enjoy their work in the automotive industry, then he can pursue his career as a car mechanic. Mechanic or car service technicians have a huge demand in a variety of things like the gas station, government contracts, or car dealerships, etc.



The field opens the door for people who have the good technical knowledge and having certification in technical training.

What does A Mechanic Do?

A mechanic is capable to work in all engine systems and parts of the vehicle starting from brakes, wheels to the tires. Even in small companies or garages, they promptly diagnose the customers’ issues and resolve them as soon as possible.

For larger units, they have specialization in different areas. They use different tools like screwdrivers, jacks, electronic equipment, and possess the great skill to repair any kind of fault inside the vehicle. They can also use some computerized tools to identify the problems of your car and they can solve the issue within a few hours.

Do You Have Enough Skillset?

Mechanics should not take their job casually. Working and repairing the car is interesting, but you must have some inner potential on which you will take the initiative to become a mechanic.

Also, you can showcase your comfort while working on technology. As a car mechanic, you need to solve some complex technical issues. You can start your career as a freelance mechanic and you can join a garage or automobile company to gather some experience. After 5 to 6 years, you can start your own business.

Training On-Demand

As manufactures are redesigning the cars to get more advanced features to bring it to the people, the mechanic also keeps themselves on the same list. There is no hard and fast rule of completing any exact certification course. But one should have a complete overview of the modeling and working principle of the vehicles.  Training on demand is offered by many colleges and vocational schools. You can search such technical institutes online to enroll your name.

There are different pieces of training and certification as per the specialization. The special training will uplift you to grow high in the industry and earn more than your expectation. The ever-changing technologies enforce one to upgrade their knowledge every year.

Salary Based on Working Hours

Working hours vary according to work experience and skills. Mechanics from small garages charge on an hourly basis while mechanics belong to big companies get paid every week.

There is not any fixed timing for a mechanic, but most of them do overtime. In many cases, some urgent work comes in the list to fix it as soon as possible.

Deal with the new models of the automobile industry:

In the upcoming days, the automotive industry will have major changes in designs to inculcate some special features. For this, it all takes highly skilled mechanics and technicians. Getting familiar with this basic knowledge is a high priority. The huge competition in the market has cut the manufacturing cost to impress the customers.

Dealing with car companies has grown into a massive source of income. That is why the need for a mechanic will enhance the name and fame of the company. As a mechanic, you should deal with such new models and you can gather more information online.



For this reason, certain training programs are being arranged by the manufacturer to train the freshers in hands-on work. It often does the partnership with vocational schools and colleges to upgrade the knowledge of experienced people. These are the great sources to nourish the knowledge and replenish through the basic level. The work-cum-study program will facilitate the students to gain hands-on repairing knowledge.

Signs That Indicate That You Need to Take Your Car to a Mechanic


You can easily fix the minor issue of your car by your DIY tools, but some complex jobs need specialised tools and knowledge. They are not only difficult and time-consuming, but they damage your car. If your car has any such issue, you should take it to an experienced mechanic. Here, we will discuss a few signs that indicate that you need to book an appointment soon.

  • Problems with Steering: Problems with your steering system can be extremely dangerous for you and your car, as it won’t be able to control the car during an emergency. Signs of a problem with the steering include difficulty while steering, wheel pulling to the right or left, wheel vibrating or feeling loose, car leaning to a side while braking or speeding, premature or uneven wear on the tires, etc. If you have any of these problems with your car’s steering system, then it is best to call an experienced mechanic to identify the problem and fix it in the best possible manner.
  • Engine Warning Lights: Most of the modern cars built these days have several sensors that monitor and measure different systems of your car. If the results they receive do not match the pre-set parameters, an engine warning light will turn on in your dashboard. This flight will start flashing if there is a serious problem that needs fixing immediately. Either way, don’t panic, just take your car to a local mechanic and let them discover and fix the issue.
  • Smoke or Steam from the Bonnet: First of all, notice the smoke or steam and see what colour it is. If it is white, it is probably because of overheating. If it is overheated, pull over for a few minutes and let your car cool down. Even though this is not a serious issue, it would be better to consult a mechanic and overrule the possibility of any other underlying problem. If the smoke if blue, immediately stop the car and call a local garage to tow it away. Blue smoke indicates burning of oil that can potentially damage your car’s engine. Similarly, if it is black smoke then it might be related to your fluid regulator.
  • Leakage: There are many fluids that you have to put in your car, including the coolant, fuel and oil. If you notice leakage from your car, probably it may get fixed with just car service. This will not only save your car from a potentially serious problem but will it will also save your money in the long run. To check leakage, park your car at a place for half an hour and notice if there are any stains on the ground. If the stains are bright green, they may be the coolant, and if they are brown or dark red, they may be brake fluid or oil. If you see water dripping from the front passenger seat, then you don’t need to worry at all, as it may be just the water coming from your car’s AC system.
  • Noises: The roaring sound of a speeding car is like a dream come true. But when your car makes strange noises, it becomes worth talking to a mechanic. So, if you hear clunking, grinding, squealing, dragging, droning, crunching, whining, or metallic sounds during the drive, then let a professional identify the reason and fix the issue.

Hopefully, now you know a few signs that you must notice in your car and take it to a mechanic if you suspect an issue.  You must check the license, insurance, certifications and customer reviews of the mechanic before you hire.

Top Aspects to Consider While Hiring A Mobile Mechanic

For most of people, a car is the most essential and important asset. Rather than owning a car, the most crucial part is its maintenance which is not possible for every car owner. The better you maintain it and get serviced regularly, the more efficient your car will perform, and you can enjoy a tension free drive. Despite your taking so much care, the sudden breakdown of your car is unpredictable. It often causes inconvenience to the owners especially when it happens at the wrong time. Especially, when the car breaks at the roadside, it is not only inconvenient but frustrating as well to take it to the repair shops.



Is there any better alternative? Hiring a mobile mechanic is a better option than taking your car yourself to a normal repair shop. If you are looking for such repair services which can fix your car as soon as possible with optimum efficacy, mobile auto services are the best option to go for. Though mobile mechanic provides good and efficient service, it is important on your part that you hire the best one. In other words, you should avoid certain mistakes that might prove costly for you.

Things to consider while hiring a mobile Mechanic

Are they licensed?

When you are hiring a mobile mechanic, make sure they are licensed and carry a legal business. This is important because licensed mechanics possess insurance protection. In other words, in case they are injured on the job, you are not liable to bear the medical expenses but the company recruiting them is responsible to bear such expenses. Moreover, you can avoid various legal issues which might arise in course of work completion.

Are they updated with the modern tools?

With the use of modern sophisticated tools, it is easy to analyze and fix the problem without much delay. Not only this, it allows the mechanic to perform the work easily and accurately. Only owning the expensive tools is not enough, they should very well handle it without creating any extra issues with your car and increasing your expenses. You should place your query regarding the type of tools they use.



Use of genuine and better replacement parts

Certain distortions in the car parts demand its immediate replacement. The replacement parts that would be used by the car mechanic should be authentic and appropriate. They use the parts of the different build which initially might not cause any problem, but it can cause bigger damage to your car in the future. The parts used by them must be durable and long lasting which should not affect other parts of the vehicle.

Are you providing the complete details?

While hiring a mobile mechanic, it is important to provide complete details of the issue and car models. The details not only correspond to the specification of the vehicle but your location as well especially when it is a bit tricky. While providing complete details, they can plan their work in a better manner and pack up the necessary articles accordingly. Any kind of misinformation would not only delay the work but can be stressful.



Are you done with the payment?

In many cases, we find that we don’t focus on the service charges and hire the mechanic in a hurry. Proper negotiation can only be done when you plan and prepare well. Many mechanics charge as per hourly basis and many for the complete job. It depends upon you how you pay them. Compare the costing in both aspects to get your car fixed at a reasonable rate.

No doubt, hiring mobile mechanics can be very convenient but in order to get stress free and satisfied services, your awareness plays a vital role. Think and plan well before you hire the services.

What Are the Basic Criteria to Become an Automotive Mechanic?

Auto mechanic is a person who basically deals with the automobiles like light trucks and cars. They do the job of monitoring, maintaining and repair work for the automobiles. One may think that this is not a tough job. But it needs a lot of effort to fulfill it in all manners. 

Auto Mechanic

Auto Mechanic

How to become an automotive mechanic?

The mechanic who deals with automobiles must know about the detail working of every part present in them and a period of study and practice is necessary for him to become efficient at work. If someone is interested in becoming an automotive mechanic and if there is someone who visualizes themselves to be perfect in that job, then specific education and training is necessary. Some certifications that are concerned with automobiles are necessary to earn a job of an automotive mechanic and it is during the training period one must pursue them. Usually for the initial level that is at the start of career one only requires few qualifications like an associate degree which involves basic training. But to grow to a higher position, the aspirant must continue to gain some other certifications.

An automotive mechanic needs proper certifications as well as on-field training experience:

  • The job of auto mechanic requires lot of manual work and for this, the people who are interested to achieve that position must have good practical training so that it would be a great help at the time they start to work.
  • Generally, the education that is needed for an auto mechanic will be given by some specified institutions which let the aspirants to gain some scholarship also and it will also help them to become completely qualified mechanics as they train them with both class room teaching and field work too.
  • Soon after completion of minimal education required, a mechanic can join a good organization and start up with his practice there to pursue his skills. Usually the mechanic who deals with cars will get his pay based on the vehicle that he chooses and this is how the basic pay differs from one auto mechanic to others.

Qualifications and education required for a car mechanic:

Auto Mechanic

Auto Mechanic

To become a car mechanic one must have a qualification of holding a high school diploma. In general, some schools offer training for car mechanics to students and involve all the training in the curriculum which is helpful for the real-time work. This is enough if you want to become a car mechanic else if you don’t have this qualification, apprenticeships, external training and certifications are required. The role of a car mechanic is to service the car and repairing it if required. There are many automobile workshops and work stations from where you can inquire about their nature of work, and whether, they have the requisite experience to deal with your car.

A mechanic usually should have knowledge on mechanical related parts like clutches, brakes, engines, ignition control, motors and on electronics like radios, sensors, GPS so that he can maintain the car well and thereby he can produce high quality output in his job. Auto mechanic has lot of future and it is a good profession to try if you are interested in it and go for it if you have the passion to do it. So, when you choose an auto mechanic for your car, you need to be very clear about the certifications and the on-field experience. Apart from this, if you choose the local mechanics, you must also inquire whether they deal with specific brand of cars.