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Search Information and the Factors for the Best Pet Food

Ideally, you should find more information about pet foods and be knowledgeable when you step into a pet food store. There are different sources from where you can gain such information but you will get a large number and different types of facts, data and information on the websites.

Therefore, visit the websites on pet foods and then come up with a short list of manufactures that you should look for in the pet food store. When you have it ready, visit the official websites of the specific manufacturers and try to find out all the answers of your questions.

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Make sure that when you visit their website and find that any particular information is missing call them up or fill up their contact form for further clarifications. Most of the reliable manufacturers will be more than happy to get back to you at the earliest and clarify your doubts. Ideally, the website will provide you with the required information regarding:

  • The ingredients of the pet food.

  • The nutritional analysis.

  • The suggested serving sizes.

Therefore, reading the labels of the pet food should be your top priority. This will help you to identify whether or not your pet will get the desired nutrition and also help you to justify your decision and analyse things based on the individual needs of your pet.

Factors to look for

In addition to gathering this abovementioned information, you as a responsible pet parent must also consider a number of other factors while choosing the best pet food. These are:

  • Vet recommendations: You must follow the advice of your veterinarian regarding the nutritional value because the vet is the right person to know the specific health requirements of your pet.

  • Brand reputation: Just like other 72% pet owners, you should also go for high quality and branded pet food, even if it costs you a few dollars more. Most of the start-up manufacturers do not have a proper veterinary nutritionist or any facilities to test the nutritional value. Top brands will have strong quality assurance programs to ensure the quality and safety of the pet food.

You must look at the statutory statements that every pet food manufacturer should comply with. This is the statement prepared by the state pet food regulators that informs the shoppers about the minimum nutritional level needed for a pet according to its life stage.

Ingredients to look for

You will need to look at the components of the pet food to make sure that you end up buying one that will meet the needs of your pet. It should typically contain the following:

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  • Carbohydrates and grains – This will provide your pet with the energy to stay active and also help its digestive system to keep it in good health. If your pet is allergic to carbohydrates, look for options such as beans, soy, oats, rice, wheat, corn, and barley.

  • Protein – It can come from beef, chicken, rabbit and salmon. Most nutritious pet foods will have meat mentioned as the first ingredient in the label as well as before it the fat source.

  • Oils and fats – These, often though as bad, are necessary for pet health. Thee provide flavour and energy and also encourage vitamin absorption that retains a shiny and healthy coat on your pet. All foods that contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are considered to be of high quality.

Last but not least, always buy pet food that is manufactured ‘by’ the brand and not ‘for’ them by some third-party. There is a high chance that the food is prepared in a facility not owned by the brand with no proper quality control measures.