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How to find a trustworthy and experienced plumber for the rainwater tank installation?

A few knick knacks in the plumbing is easy to do by yourself, however when it comes to installation of something then you need a licensed and certified plumber. Just like in the case of rainwater tank installation, you cannot do it by yourself or also cannot ask some inexperienced person to give a try. Along with experience and certification, you also need the experienced professionals to go check your drainage lines, and they should also sanction proper permission from the government authority. The main question which arises here is how anyone can find a trustworthy and experienced plumber for the rainwater tank installation.

rainwater tank

Rainwater tank

Here are the ways which you can apply to find a trustworthy plumber:

  • Quick Search:

Searching on a search engine is something which everyone is well aware of. So, try to search all the licensed plumbers in your area. The list will include the name of companies as well as professional plumbers with their own practice. If it’s a company then check in their service section it will help you in short listing. In case of self-practice professionals get the whole list. Now the main work starts.

  • Ask friends:

Rainwater tank installation is something which will be there in your friends or relatives house as well. So, talk to them for any references. Show them your list to know the names they have considered in past while getting their own work. This categorization will help you in making your decision. The list has shortlisted big time, so now you have to choose among the few names only.

  • License:

While selecting the plumber check their license and note down their license number. Then discuss it with the right authority about whether the company or the professional is eligible for the task or not. Well half of the name in the list will be removed by the condition of license only because many professionals don’t have license of the same. Apart from this, there are also several safety standards which must be adhered to. In case of any discrepancy between the plumber’s work and the authority guidelines, you can hire any other plumber.



  • Testimonials/ feedbacks:

Check the people’s feedbacks on the selected company or professional on various social media platforms. It will give you the general idea about what are the views of the people regarding the company or the plumbers. The type of feedback will help you in making your decision. Mostly you will find all the positive reviews however try to read between the lines, and you will be good to go.

  • Experience:

How many years of experience the person has in this industry definitely affect the way they work? A newbie will not be able to understand half of the things at the site as they are not prepared for the real-time scenarios where as plumbers with few years of experience under their belt can work in the better way. Experienced professionals are aware of each and every situation and can deal with it with ease.  For instance, if you find that while working the plumber feels uneasy to handle advanced tools and instruments, then you can hire another one.

All the above points are there to help you in finding the right professional for rainwater tank installation. However, you also have to remember that instinct is also a good decision maker. While following the above steps or points keep your instinct alive and make the decision based on the same. An experienced, licensed, recommended plumber can definitely work wonders without creating much of the hassle, so choose wisely.