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Great Ideas for Pool Fencing

A swimming pool is a special element of any home and one can say that it is the highlight of the landscaped yard. After all, what can be more beautiful that a crystal-clear swimming pool glittering in your backyard or a well-landscaped yard? However, a swimming pool without a fence can be an extreme safety hazard. Pool fencing is the only way to keep everyone in the home, especially kids and pets protected from accidents.

Pool Fencing

Pool Fencing

Pool Fence for beauty and safety

Adding fence is not just about beautification or enhancement of the aesthetic appeal of the place, rather, it is also a safety measure. Pool fencing is important as it adds on to the view of the pool, provides privacy and ensures safety. Designers focus on both the aesthetics as well as a safety element. The idea is to make the pool look better and blend into the surroundings. A skilled designer will assess the pool, the surroundings, and the lifestyle before providing some pool fencing ideas.

Safety Codes for Pool Fencing

If you are planning to have a swimming pool whether, on your residential space or commercial space, there are certain safety codes that one must adhere to. The Building Officials and Code Administrators specify certain safety measures for fencing a swimming pool, and it is not a good idea to skirt these codes. One must check out those pool fencing regulations carefully as there might be added local guidelines as well. If you are not sure about the same, make sure that you contact a professional swimming pool contractor who will help you with this. They have the license to make swimming pools while following the safety codes specified by the state.

Different ideas for Pool Fencing

Pool fencing should maintain outdoor beauty as well as improve safety. It is essential that the ideas should be flexible and adaptable to meet the various shapes and water features in different homes. The materials and fabrication of the pool fences should abide by the established safety standards. Here are some great ideas for fencing your pool.

  • Perimeter fence: Perimeter fence is an ideal solution if the pool is in a separate section of the yard. The fence need not be very close to the pool, but it will stop children or pets from entering the pool area.
  • Interior pool fence: The Interior pool fence borders the immediate area outside of the pool. It barricades the pool and creates a sharp demarcation of the pool area.
  • A-to-B fence: A-to-B fences are perfect for linking the pre-existing structures the backyard to an enclosed fence around the pool.
  • Removable pool fence: If you are looking for greater versatility, look for a removable swimming pool fence. One can pull down the pool fencing in a couple of minutes to free up more space and set it up again as and when required.
  • Glass panel pool fencing: These are the modern looking pool fences made out of tempered glass, they are durable and doesn’t obstruct the outside view. However, these glass fences come at a higher price as compared to other options.
  • Wood pool fences: If you are looking for some vintage-styled look or something that can add to the privacy of your poolside, then you must go ahead with wood pool fences. They are durable, last longer and are also very stylish. You can customize them as per your requirement.
Pool Fencing

Pool Fencing

The material of Pool Fencing

Irrespective of the type of fencing designs you opt, one of the factors that you must not compromise with is the material of the fence. It should be durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain. Some of the popular choices available in the market are :

  1. Glass
  2. Wood
  3. Wrought iron
  4. Steel
  5. Aluminium
  6. Vinyl and PVC

Look for leading manufacturers and authorized dealers if you desire the ideal solution for pool fencing. The right kind of fence not only looks great and adds safety to the pool area, but also increases the real estate value of your property. A good fencing company will help you in making the right decision and choosing the right kind of pool design.

Safety of your Children with the Best Steel Pool Fencing

If you have planned to install a swimming pool, then it is the right time to think and plan about the fencing as well. It is of prime importance if you have small children around the house. Pools without fencing can be the cause of a lot of misery due to the unforeseen accidents and sometimes may lead to fatal accidents. In order to save you from this tension, it makes sense to spend a little extra and make the pool safe. Nowadays, you have every city with its own set of regulations to ensure the safety of the pool. You need to carefully the regulations in mind before you plan the fencing. There are a number of options available for pool fencing. With a number of styles and materials, your pool can have the desired look. Fencing does not mean drab and dull. You can get the fencing in iron, wood, PVC, and steel. You need to know the different qualities of the different materials available to make the right choice.

Steel Pool Fencing

Pros and Cons of Different Fencing

It is easy to opt for wood pool fencing because they are less expensive and can offer good privacy besides being easy to install, but the disadvantage to these is that they age besides being prone to damage by the wind and have limited styles. It makes better sense to choose for fencing that is sturdier, even though you might have to pay a wee bit extra. You can think of the steel fences which have a major advantage of strength and durability. These can also be easily installed and have various styles and designs to fit your requirements. These days you are able to galvanize steel or even protective wet paint and powder coatings can extend the life of these fences. These fencings are available in a number of tubular options with the advantage of steel being inert to corrosion.

Find the right manufacturers of Steel Fencing

Steel Fencing

There is no way you can opt for just any manufacturers for getting the fencing of your pool because this plays an extremely important role with regard to the safety of your children. Look for manufacturers who can guarantee the quality of material that is used for fencing, be it the aluminum, PVC, wood or steel. It is better to pay a little extra and be assured of the material rather than regret in the future. You need to make sure that the fence pickets are spaced tight and to the manufacturer are able to offer you various choices in the style. It is all the better if these manufacturers follow the safety guidelines for fences.  Good quality steel fences will be made of Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel with a coated finish of baked-on powder enamel. This ensures a longer life span. The installation can be Do-it-yourself or by a professional contractor.  If you are not too sure about this, it is advisable to get it installed. Before you make the final decision you can ask for a price quote in order to be sure about the budget.

Make sure of the costs and maintenance

You can decide by gathering information on the warranty given by the manufacturers. There are many of the manufacturers which give a lifetime warranty, which is apt for pool fencing. This warranty can provide protection against manufacturer defects on material, parts and also installation. While choosing a manufacturer you can look into the experience also. An experienced manufacturer does have the pool fences tested by an independent company to certify according to the safety standards.

So, go ahead and ensure the safety of your children with a sturdy and reliable steel fencing around your pool.