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Ways Of Maintaining or Repairing Your Roller Shutters

Cleaning & performing minor roller shutter repairing is very essential for its long life. This is a very easy task that you can do yourself during your weekend schedule. If your outdoor blinds or shutters have started looking old. Then here are a few tips that you can follow to continue to make them both look and feel great.

Electric Shutter

The roller shutters are made up of aluminum and the surface is coated with paint. They are very easily maintainable and thus you can keep them looking great for a longer period. Even if you have been neglecting the repair and maintenance of a roller shutter, here are a few ways revealed following which can bring these back to life again. First, you need to wind the roller shutters completely down to a closed position. No need of heavy tools or equipments to take care for maintenance of the shutters. Cleaning and painting are the two things necessary for durability of the shutters.

Secondly, you can take a bucket filled with water and pour some car wash or dish wash liquid into it. If this is a non-abrasive washing liquid, you can use it. Use this to wash the roller shutters. Once the shutter is washed, you must let it dry. Once it is completely dry, the cleaning of the roller shutter becomes easier, and you can apply car polish on the surface of the shutters with a soft cloth. The car polish that you would use should preferably be in a liquid form for ease of usage. All you need to keep in mind is to ensure that you apply the same consistency, and the coverage is uniform Regular cleaning of shutters are not essential, but it should be done once in 4 to 6 months to remove the dusts.

Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters

Is Cleaning Roller Shutters an Easy Task? 

The answer to this is that every job is different from each other, and this also depends on the level of skills. These are a few basic maintenance duties that you can perform yourself. Cleaning of shutters can be a starting point. You should clean shutters preferably around 4-5 times a year. Some of the roller shutter repairs can be easier though.

Lifespan of shutters are more than 20 years but if not properly maintained it may reduce the durability. Shutters must undergo through the different phases of weathers. Accumulation of moisture leads to weakening the functions. It is the reason that cleaning and greasing are essential.

Rusts should not form on the body of the shutters as it will lead to damages on the shutters as well as the other parts.

However, if you are unable to do it all by yourself, then you can call a professional service provider who can conduct these duties for you. In case if you have the required tools, then you can replace items like winder boxes and springs all by yourself, although the task of motor replacement can be performed ideally by an electrician for maintenance of its warranty and for being wired safely. You will need the help of a technician to work on the greasing of the roller shutter. Greasing of the bearings for swift opening and shutting the shutters are essential.


The roller shutters offer us several benefits when installed in shops or garages. But they necessarily need to be maintained and repaired from time to time. You can opt to do it yourself or you can call a technician for its maintenance and repairing.

5 Major Advantages Of Roller Shutters For Your Home

Today, many homes prefer to install roller shutters because of their efficiency and affordability. These shutters are mostly built up of steel or aluminum and installed on the door or windows of the house. There has been a steady increase in the popularity of these shutters in modern homes for diverse reasons. Roller shutters have replaced the usage of curtains or blinds for its multiple benefits that will be discussed in this article.

A designer shutter can accentuate the outward appearance or aesthetics of the house. The motorized shutters are easy to use at a touch of a button or remote control and gaining traction over the manual mode. Manufacturers are trying to push their limits to come up with exclusive customize designs to satisfy their customers. People also prefer designer shutters to break the monotony of a bland conventional one. Now that we know about its popularity, let us find out the real reasons behind, or the advantages of shutters in a real-life scenario.

Core Benefits of Roller Shutters for you:

  • Maintaining Privacy: This is a major reason for having it in the first place. It controls the privacy of the house from the prying eyes of strangers or snoopy neighbors. They can prevent outsiders from viewing inside your house. These shutters are also used in the office to restrict any breach of privacy and provide optimum safety. The roller shutters are closely fitted to the doors or windows, reducing the chances of peeking or eavesdropping.
  • Regulates the inflow of Light or Air: These shutters are designed in a certain way, which can control the amount of sunlight you want in the room. The foam-filled roller shutters can prevent the retention of heat in summer, making the rooms considerably cooler. Similarly, the rooms get warmer during blistering winters. The harmful UV ray falls on the shutters and does not permeate the glass windows. This shutter also curtails the electricity bills due to this feature.

    Roller Shutters

    Roller Shutters

  • Provides Harsh-Weather Protections:  These roller shutters provide great insulation because it comprises polyurethane. It is strong and durable to withstand powerful storm, heavy downpour, or hailstorm. It also prevents harmful UV rays from entering the house. These shutters can give protection from any severe damages caused by bad weather. The quality of the shutters is top-notched and it can brave a 100 kmph or more force of the wind.
  • Energy Efficient: Many offices or homes use these shutters to curtain the energy bill. Yes, it is true that you can save nearly 50% of the total electricity consumption. The foam-filled aluminium used in the shutters is capable to prevent severe heat, rain, storm, or cold. In fact, the rooms get cooler in summer and hotter in winter that does the trick of cost reduction. If you are tired of lofty electricity bills and looking for a solution, then install these roller shutters to eliminate that problem.
  • Lowers the Noise Level: Another advantage of installing these shutters on the doors or windows, it prevents noise level. If your house is located on a busy street or near the market, it can kaput your peace of mind. External noise can disrupt your daily activities like reading, writing, studying, or watching television. In that case, you need to immediately switch to these shutters as it will prevent the noise to flow from outside or inside. You can enjoy life without stress.

These are some of the benefits of roller shutters that can enhance the quality of your life. Installing shutters can resolve a number of problems and your anxiety level.