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Make Your Garden Look Elegance With Stone Pavers

Stone pavers are a type of flooring made using bricks, brick like pieces, concrete pieces, marble stones etc mainly used for external flooring. Concrete pavers are made by mixing concrete mixture with coloring agent and molding to some shapes. To construct stone pavers, first concrete mixture is spread on floor as foundation and spread some sand on this concrete floor. After spreading some sand, arrange stone pavers of your preference in desired shape and pattern. No adhesive solution is used for these stone pavers. In general, these are seen on roads as pavements, in garden, outdoor platforms, and sometimes in houses. Stone pavers will add elegance to floors where ever they are used. Stone pavers will increase the beauty of your property. 

Stone Pavers

Stone Pavers

Variety of Stone Pavers:

  • There are multiple types of stone pavers available and are made of different stone materials like marble stones and some other color stones.
  • There are different models of pavers available and some of them are named as blue stone, harvest gold, golden nugget, limestone, colonial classic, emperador, charcoal limestone, premium blue flagstone, blue granite, porphyry palladium, porphyry stardust, rosal limestone, saturnia noce, porphyry cubico, weather edge landscape stone and many more.
  • You can choose one type among multiple stone pavers. In many countries, you can find some constructions made using stone pavers.
  • There are numerous constructions using stone pavers and depicting the elegance of different types of stone pavers. Nowadays you will find building constructed using bricks.
  • But in older days, stone was used for construction. As time has changed, monuments constructed using stone pavers are gaining prominence among people.
  • These are rare and rare things will always gain prominence among regular things. Constructions made of stone pavers are perfect example of this fact.
Stone Pavers

Stone Pavers

Why pavement construction was necessary?

  • Initially there were no pavements seen beside the roads. With development of our cities and messy traffic all over, pavement construction became compulsory for people walking on roads. Most of the pavements are constructed using stone pavers as they are strong compared to normal flooring.
  • It is obvious that roads and pavements should be strong and long-lasting as lot of stress will be applied on them by low to heavy weighing objects and vehicles.
  • From morning to evening, roads and pavements are full starting from people jogging on the road at morning to people walking at night. So pavement should be strongly constructed using stone pavers.
  • With the evolution of paver’s type of construction methods, flooring made using pavers has become more advantageous.
  • Before the existence of stone pavers, pavements were usually constructed using cement blocks or bricks. But they used to get damaged soon due to heavy load and multiple other reasons. However with the use of stone pavers in construction of pavement, long lasting effect has been noticed and is followed by many for flooring purposes.
  • Most factories will use this type of flooring at outside of the factory. You can notice these types of pavers in petrol bunks, hospitals, car parking areas, homes, apartments and in other places where strong flooring is necessary.
  • Even some people are using these stone pavers as flooring in homes. These are increasing the elegance of rooms and complete house with its mesmerizing designs. As these pavers are available with different designs and colors, you can make your floor designers arrange them in particular order depicting their design.

The best part of these stone pavers is seen during the rainy seasons. It is obvious that in rainy season, mud water will be commonly seen everywhere and will stand still if proper drainage system is not maintained. But due to flooring made of stone pavers, water will not stay still. Still want your know more about stone pavers then contact us here.